Schneider Electric presents EcoStruxure IT, the evolution of Datacenter Management as a Service (DMaaS) for a connected world where critical data and information are essential to protect while keeping the data center infrastructure in step with the needs of the

EcoStruxure IT is an architecture that allows you to benefit 100% of the advantages of the DMaaS approach in terms of availability, protection, security of today’s and future IT environments.

By choosing the Data Management as a Service, you can aggregate and analyze large amounts of data obtained from the connected devices of the customer’s data center infrastructure through a secure and encrypted connection; apply algorithms on large data sets, collected also by different Data Centers

With EcoStruxure IT you have global visibility through the hybrid ecosystem with access directly from a smartphone;

The data center manager benefits from information on devices, smart alarms and monitoring through an open system that collects data from all devices regardless of the supplier. It has an overview of potential risks by relying on global comparative analyses and analysis in EcoStruxure’s data lake.

EcoStruxure IT offer includes EcoStruxure IT Gateway, free software that manages communication with monitored devices, collecting and sending device data for smart alarm notification; EcoStruxure IT App, free app

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