During the prolonged period of lockdown of early 2020, almost all Italian organizations (and not only) were faced with two apparently irreconcilable needs: business continuity and physical distancing, imposed by the emergency coronavirus.

Yet, while the one that will pass to history as the greatest crisis of our time, many realities have managed to maintain their productivity unchanged, and even to increase it in some cases.

How did they do that? What is the secret that allowed this corporate miracle? The answer is in two words, very pronounced but too often applied: digital transformation.

This is a concept that has been talked about for years, but which (especially in our country) has struggled to be translated into concrete projects and applications.

There are many reasons: cultural resistance to change that is affecting Italians, the difficulty of understanding the economic value of digital investment, but also the fact that digitally transforming a company often implies a radical change in the heart of its work, which has accompanied (a)

Yet, almost all those who had undertaken the digital transformation process in time found themselves in an enviable position during the outbreak of the epidemic, since (among other things) they were the most ready to exploit the smart working, avoiding the blockade of the iconic

Even in an emergency, digital transformation makes all its importance felt, and finally even the most reneggard are moving in the right direction.

The press services are undoubtedly playing a leading role: in this case, however, it is also easier for a PMI to understand and, above all, to enjoy the advantages immediately.

Digitally transforming all document management means completely unleashing a small and medium-sized enterprise (but the same applies to a professional or large enterprise) of all practical and technological tasks that accompany devices such as printers and multifunctions.

The result of a managed print service provider’s strategy has a significant impact on the business continuity and digital transformation of the customer reality.

A full-field direction that, above all, extends from design to maintenance and replacement of every printing device in the company.

It is essential that the provider of the managed press services offers a complete picture of the situation in being highlighting weaknesses, criticalities and ideas of efficiency.

Only through the managed printing services can you get the most results in every area: security, through patch, configuration and choice of character devices from a security by design approach.

Saving, choosing products perfectly sized for the specific needs of an office or department (this is the importance of professional auditing) and productivity, enabled by the correct placement of devices, able to meet the needs of employees, avoiding slowing down

The provider of the printed services managed, in summary, is a real ally in the digital transformation of the companies; an even more true and important factor for the multitude of Italian Pmi.

These realities are in fact often true excellences in their own segment of activities, but they do not have skills and resources to be allocated to specific IT activities.

For these companies, the nerve heart of the Italian economy, it is therefore essential to be able to count on partners prepared in this area: a correct digital transformation guarantees a clear competitive advantage, and the recent lockdown has been for all a dramatic example of this concept.

To deepen the issues related to the activation of managed printing services, we have selected a valuable document, a guide that explains the ways and benefits.

Download the guide: How to better manage a company starting from the press

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