Spin off of the University Lum

Its aim is to provide companies in South Italy with concrete support to start the digitalization of production processes and to promote the growth of business. In this direction, the collaboration with the Mit, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, is being launched.

Partly funded by the Ministry of Economic Development and conducted together with Noovle, Google Cloud’s Premier Partner, the Smart District 4.0 project is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing, mechatro sectors of Puglia.

The adoption of technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain will allow to create an innovative integrated ICT communication and automation infrastructure that allows the development of business, ferrying them to industry 4.0.

• Starting from the use of specific technological and operational approaches, we want to create a new methodology that can become a large scale replicable model. It is important that South Italy also declares Remy Cohen, member of the Lum Enterprise In this way, a real network of companies will be created that can stimulate and contaminate each other in undertaking a growth path.

The structure of the Smart District 4.0 project

The SD 4.0 project is divided into three distinct steps: the first is the search for innovative business models and scouting tech, then follows the prototyping part of the possible adopted solutions and their experimentation, finally the verification and validation within the

• The Smart District 4.0 project took its first steps in February 2018 through the identification of companies and the analysis of their production processes and supply chain requirements. The next step was to have a more strategic vision, selecting the areas of intervention and pilot projects to be activated on a case-by-case basis. This is the stage in which the collaboration with MIT is part: starting from the sharing of best practices of the most innovative international districts, Lum Enterprise and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will provide companies participating in the SD4.0 project with advice and advanced technological tools.

›We are pleased to collaborate with Lum Enterprise, a company that, although young, collects the important legacy and competence of the prestigious Lum › University says Alex Pentland, Professor

Noovle’s strategic role

From a practical point of view, once the companies have been identified and the needs of the latter, Noovle, the responsible for the technological aspect of the project, is the one who comes into play: the type of support provided may vary according to the degree of digitalisation already in

•From a technological point of view, the challenge of Noovle is to lead the Apulian companies to a 4.0 model that can use information and implement services through intelligent data analysis and use • adds Piergiorgio De Campo Today, thanks to the commitment of Lum Enterprise, we are proud to be able to collaborate with the prestigious University of Boston and Alex Pentland, an expert of world renown of big data, privacy and social physics. We will work together to apply the latest advances in cybersecurity and build the optimal architecture of intrinsically safe systems.

Antonio Bianchin, Director General Lum Enterprise, and member of the Advisory Board, who also said: • After not a year since the project was launched, we have already gathered the membership of more than 80 Apulian companies that have Our goal is to involve as many companies as possible and we are sure that many others will join. The 4.0 industrial model is now an undeniable reality, and the Smart District 4.0 project is the right tool to embrace it.

The project, which is planned to last three years, aims to involve 200 companies that will become part of a real community and will be conducted in a path of innovation and experimentation.

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