At Sogei’s headquarters in Rome, the first monthly draw of the Lottery of Scontrini, the government initiative to promote the use of electronic money, was made with the use of a telematic wheel.

Ten winning tickets were drawn, which received €100,000, while €20,000 went to the exhibitors who issued the receipt that included the winning coupons.

How the Lottery of Shatters works

The ten tickets were drawn 535,209,478 electronic tickets, generated in February by 16,749,929 transactions.

The Commission of the Lottery of the Scontrini was composed of two members of the Agency of Customs and one of the Agency of Revenues. The list of winning tickets was tweeted by the Customs Agency.

Those who have entered the reserved area of the Lottery of Scontrini site will be able to check if they are the holder of the receipt associated with the ticket drawn.

In the next few days the holders of the winning coupons will be contacted directly by the Agency of Customs by certified e-mail or with registered.

The next draw will take place on April 8 and there will be 10 prizes for 10 thousand euros for those who buy and 10 prizes for 20 thousand euros for those who sell.

List of winning tickets

Checking the Lottery of Shatters website

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