Loom is the tool, technology and video messaging and communication platform for hybrid work, which allows you to record and share screen videos or from the camera in a simple way.


According to Loom, no matter where knowledge workers choose to work physically, whether at home, at the office, on a beach, or in all these places, one thing is certain: to succeed, technology platforms must serve users in this new reality and help them

Loom believes that video messaging is the answer and that its platform can represent this layer video for work.

To realize this vision, the Loom team is aware of this, integrations with the best professional apps available are fundamental.

In this light, the young Californian company has now made a significant step forward, launching the tool that is effectively described as… the button registers for the Internet.

Loom has launched the public beta of loomSDK, the SDK that makes it easy for developers to integrate the fast and reliable video messaging infrastructure of the company into other products.

L.SDK allows users to record, embed, view and interact with Loom videos directly within web apps, adding clarity and context to any workflow.

Millions of users and numerous companies including Netflix, JLL and Twitter already rely on Loom to quickly and easily explain everything at work. In the future, according to Loom, recorded videos will be integrated into every application used for work, for deeper involvement.

Once the SDK loom has been implemented, a user can start registering within the web app without registering for Loom or downloading his Chrome or Desktop recorders. Users get five free recordings before they are invited to join the Free Starter Plan to continue recording and being able to organize their videos in the Loom Workspace.

Users of the app get a reliable platform for instant video recording and editing and Loom manages the rest, including storage and infrastructure. Playback is supported on most devices and operating systems.

Trello, one of the main work management platforms, is one of the first products to work on the integration of the loomSDK, announced Loom. Loom integration will help millions of workers around the world better manage projects in Trello with video messages.

Users will be able to record, insert, view and interact with Loom videos directly in Trello, adding context and greater clarity to tasks and projects.

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