Twilio, a company specializing in communication solutions for business, announced Twilio Live, a cloud-based platform that allows companies to quickly and smoothly incorporate interactive audio and video streaming solutions into their applications.

According to Twilio’s annual State of Customer Engagement Report, 98% of companies reported that video communication with customers has accelerated more than any other channel during the pandemic.

From virtual conferences to lessons to online learning, live streaming of video and audio is here to stay, Twilio emphasized.

Unlike the fast growing solutions in the fast-growing live streaming market, Twilio Live allows companies to offer audio and video experiences that adapt to the specific needs of their brand and community on a scale.

Twilio Live offers low latency on a scale and support for Twilio’s reliable and secure infrastructure, combined with a robust development experience in this field.

Companies in a wide range of sectors, from retail to training, to gaming and entertainment, can build live streaming experiences that are unique to their brand.

Twilio Live offers developers the tools to build engaging experiences that can be directly incorporated into their applications.

With Twilio Live, developers have access to a secure, low latency live streaming platform that allows speakers to reach millions of people.

At the same time, I can count on an intuitive end-to-end development experience, which includes primitive flexible server side APIs and SDK clients for iOS, Android and JavaScript.

To simplify the construction process, Twilio has also released fast distribution reference applications for live streaming only audio and video.

These applications allow a virtual event experience with speakers, audience members and a high level of interactivity, including chat, screen sharing, polls and audience invites to talk on the virtual stage.

With Twilio Live, developers can create applications for all kinds of virtual live events, such as marketing conferences, new generation social podcasts, shopping experiences, concerts, fitness lessons, training sessions and more.

Twilio Live is currently beta-phase and you can request access to the Beta Program of the solution.

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