It is a significant start to a journey that will arrive, with due times, all over the world: Apple has announced that it is working with several US states that are planning to introduce the possibility for residents to add their driving license in a simple and safe way or

Arizona and Georgia will be the first states to introduce this innovation of digital documents and dematerialized in Wallet, with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah to follow.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Plus has announced Apple • will enable some control points and security lanes at airports that will support the initiative,

Wallet, we remember, is the digital portfolio of the company of Cupertino that allows you to keep on iPhone and Apple Watch the dematerialized version of credit cards, debit and prepaid, boarding sheets, tickets, university badges and more

According to Apple, the digital versions in Wallet will provide an easy, faster and safer way for people to present their driving license or state ID using simply their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Once a state decides to adopt this solution and will start offering this option to its residents, it has also highlighted Apple, customers will be able to add their state driver’s license or ID to Wallet and simply tap their iPhone or Apple

Adding one of these digital documents will also be quick and easy, similar to what already happens in Apple Wallet for credit cards. In this case, moreover, the customer will be asked to use the iPhone to scan his physical license or the state identity card and to take a selfie, which will be safely supplied to the issuing State for verification.

As an additional step in security, it then highlights Apple, users will also be asked to complete a series of face and head movements during the configuration process. Once verified by the issuing State, the ID or the customer’s driving licence will be added to Wallet.

Once added to Wallet, customers can then submit their driving license or state ID to TSA simply with an iPhone or Apple Watch all-entity reader tap.

After touching their iPhone or Apple Watch, users will see a message on their device showing the specific information required by TSA. Only after you have authorized with Face ID or Touch ID

This ensures that only the required information is shared and only the person who added the driving licence or the State ID to the device can submit it.

Users will not need to unlock, display or deliver the device to submit their document to the competent authority.

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