Lg Gram is the new line of ultralight Korean manufacturer notebooks, designed for those who need PCs with high performance, large battery life levels and great portability.

Lg Gram is available in both 15 Plus and 17 Plus display variants.

As a demonstration of Lg’s focus on the mobility of new notebooks, it is enough to remember that the 17-inch weighs 1.3Kg, while the 15-inch 1.1Kg model.

The battery range of the two notebooks is high. In fact, they are equipped with an 80W battery that allows up to 18.5 hours of operation with a single charge for 15 inches and up to 17 hours for 17 inches.

Lg gram notebooks are also robust and comply with the strict US military durability criteria MIL-STD-810G compared to seven resistance factors including shock, dust and extreme temperatures.

The heart of this new Lg gram series is the 10th generation Intel Core processor with Iris Plus graphics and dual channel Ddr4 memory extendable up to 24 Gbytes. Doubles the graphics processing power compared to the models of last year, offering video content creators in 4k incredible speed and power performance.

To allow for the necessary levels of efficiency and flexibility and ensure the operation of the latest generation applications on new and existing networks with higher speed, LG grams are equipped with Wi-Fi 6, which offers better wireless connectivity, improved efficiency and lower battery consumption.

The new Lg notebooks are perfect for those looking for high performance and comfort, thanks to a series of additional features that makes these products the ideal solution. The inclusion of Thunderbolt 3, for example, allows you to load devices, transfer files and display content via a single port, with a transfer rate of up to 40 gigabits per second, eight times faster than a conventional USB 3.0 connection, while

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