Lenovo announces a global extension of its Linux portfolio, including in the certification program PCs with Canonical’s Ubuntu LTS operating system pre-installed.

Already available for companies on specific request, you can now access a portfolio of about 30 devices with Ubuntu operating system preinstalled on Lenovo.com. The PC portfolio includes 13 ThinkStation and ThinkPa P Series workstations and 14 ThinkPad T, X, X1 and L series laptops, all with Ubuntu version 20.04 LTS, except for the

This extension brings with it greater accessibility to apps, libraries and open source tools to increase the productivity of developers.

Lenovo not only offers a simple user experience, without having to face the costly Linux installation processes on its device, but also a greater choice of products to choose from for the community of programmers, professionals of the IA and Linux users.

By providing these pre-loaded devices with the OEM version of Ubuntu, Lenovo removes an element of complexity, also providing users with a telephone and web support for managing solutions related to the Linux platform.

Lenovo Linux-based devices belonging to ThinkPad and ThinkStation families will be available globally from September 2020 and presented gradually over the next year.

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