Lenovo and Ducati announce Lenovo as Title Partner of the Ducati MotoGP Team: the name chosen will therefore be Ducati Lenovo Team

The announcement is based on Lenovo’s three-year key technology partnership with Ducati and sees the new three-year partnership attests to the growing significance of advanced hardware technology in the power supply of a wide analysis of data, as well as artificial intelligence and intelligent software As an official technology partner since 2018, Lenovo has allowed engineers and designers Ducati to quickly adopt algorithms and racing bike technologies for both racing and road bikes.

The Ducati brand is known worldwide as the purest expression of technology, design and passion for motor sports, and this partnership offers Lenovo significant international visibility. The new partnership strengthens Lenovo’s status as a global technology leader in allowing Ducati to drive faster, smarter and better performance. The Ducati MotoGP Team has a long tradition in high speed, success and competitive excellence; and Lenovo is proud of its continued role in this great history.

Over the next few years, Lenovo and Ducati are committed to allowing even smarter remote collaboration and work spaces pay attention to speed, flexibility and mobility. The two brands are creating research and development plans to implement a virtual desktop infrastructure that provides consistently high-performance levels for most Ducati engineers working remotely. In addition, Lenovo and Ducati are exploring augmented and virtual reality technologies for bike mechanics in the future.

As the leading technology partner in Ducatista since 2018, Lenovo’s award-winning PC, tablet and high-performance servers have introduced a number of competitive technological advantages for drivers, motorcycles and high-performance ducat engines.

Analysis and simulations are now performed in MotoGP using the compact and robust ThinkSystem of Lenovo perimeter server SE350 to process and analyze data at source.

With this updated processing power, Ducati engineers are able to track simulations with artificial intelligence and machine learning and develop even safer strategies on track, including better tyre consumption management. The technicians used the robust and ultra-thin Lenovo ThinkPad mobile workstation P1 laptops to extract and analyze data directly from the bikes. The engineers then used ThinkPad laptops in the garage to simulate possible bike configurations, improving efficiency by 25% and reducing decision-making time by 35%.

Lenovo has designed and implemented a HPC cluster based on ThinkSystem SD530, SR630 and SR650 servers. This new HPC environment helps reduce overall footprint by 20:1 and allows Ducati to perform aerodynamic and fluid dynamics modelling workloads at driving speeds, allowing engineers to develop new superbikes faster while maintaining the highest quality standards

Other Lenovo devices distributed by Ducati include ThinkPad P53 mobile workstations for designing road bikes and racing bikes; thinkpad X1 Tablet for area managers for their portability; and a

In 2020, Lenovo’s partnership with Ducati also brought co-branded devices to the market, such as Lenovo Ducati 5, a limited edition crossover laptop with custom-made Ducati Corse design elements for the most ardent fans

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