Lenovo has announced a series of upgrades to its platform of hyperconverging infrastructures and to the reach of its services, with the objective to allow the customers to focus on the business instead of on their own IT infrastructures.

The offer is supported by the experience of Lenovo consultants, with thousands of projects active and ready to help customers manage their digital transformation edge to cloud strategies.

A new suite of edge to cloud consulting and deployment services helps customers to assess where they are in their digital transformation paths and to choose the solutions best suited to their specific workloads.

We start with workshops held by senior consultants (Principal Consultant), who help teams develop applications and platforms to evaluate options and choose appropriate paths for their specific needs. Workshops are personalized and interactive and include topics such as migrations to SQL Server 2019 and Microsoft Azure.

New consulting and design services include VMware Cloud Foundation Design and Deployment, Hybrid Cloud Assessment, Hybrid Cloud Azure Migration Design Service and Hybrid Cloud Implementation Services.

Lenovo’s consolidated relationship with VMware provides customers with the ability to build a technological base to accelerate the cloud transformation process through a single, simplified, hyperconverged management platform.

For those working with particularly large datasets, Lenovo presents the SAP HANA 4U 8 socket-certified hyperconverging platform available with VMware vSAN. ThinkAgile VX solution allows users to run large SAP HANA databases in parallel with other workloads on a fully virtualized platform.

ThinkAgile VX7820 has been upgraded with double processor and a direct NVMe connection up to 5 times faster that allows you to increase the size and amount of virtualized machines (VMs) that handle SAP workloads and enable installation

Lenovo improves overall management of ThinkAgile VX HCI solutions.

New features include the deployment of a new VX cluster in less than 4 hours compared to the previously needed 16 hours, thanks to a wizard-based distribution tool, the continuous management optimized with operational intelligence for proactive V cluster monitoring

Joint innovation with Nutanix allows users to implement workloads and apps on a single platform with greater availability, performance and simplicity, extending the knowledge base from the central data center to the actual network margin.

To help customers process their data near the places where they are generated, the Lenovo ThinkAgile HX1021 edge solution provides integrated security features that allow them to install in remote locations outside the main data center without losing protection In fact, with a height of 1U, half width and reduced depth, the edge server can be installed anywhere, for example in the factory, fixed to the walls, on the stores, directly on the shelves or in decentralised offices, mounted in standard racks. Compact dimensions allow data to be processed directly at the place where they are generated.

Different core configurations (8C, 12C, 16C) with GPU support for particularly intensive all-in-edge workloads are available. Lupinedge server is able to withstand temperatures between 0 and 55°C, resists vibrations and is designed to operate in particularly dusty places. Lenovo ThinkShield Security finally offers intrusion detection and tamper protection functions for physical safety.

Lenovo ThinkAgile MX for Azure Stack HCI software and services are now available through Lenovo Cloud Marketplace. Together, Lenovo and Microsoft offer a seamless hybrid cloud experience thanks to the integrated Azure Stack HCI systems.

Digital transformation often requires updated hardware and already today more than 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced per year, a mass higher than all the scheduled aircraft ever produced. As the final stage of the life cycle of IT, disposal of resources can therefore become a costly problem for the IOC. Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) offers a unique solution for safe and documented disposal of IT resources and data. Lenovo experts will help develop a sustainable disposal strategy for all types of hardware, including servers.

ARS simplifies electronic waste recycling and allows customers to save money, which can be used to acquire new and better technologies. For the first time, the different Lenovo divisions will work together presenting themselves as the only interlocutor for the entire portfolio of products of the company, from smartphones to laptops, up to data centers.

As with all Lenovo’s new digital transformation offers, customers have the opportunity to implement their new solutions in as-a-Service mode thanks to Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services. Based on the Lenovo Enterprise ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolio, these services allow you to manage any workload or implementation with the advantage of a consumer business model that can follow the growth of the company ensuring maximum flexibility.

Lenovo TruScale offers cloud capabilities with the control and security of an on-premise solution. It is designed specifically to solve the problems that customers are actually facing, without having to make preventive investments as it provides for a more traditional approach to IT supply.

There are no standard solutions to manage a company’s digital transformation path. Lenovo understands the challenges that every CIO and IT manager faces and for this reason is committed to constantly improving its hardware and services to evolve in line with its customers.

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