The Leena AI startup was founded with the belief that artificial intelligence can transform the way you work in companies and with the mission to help companies build an employee experience that puts people first. Artificial intelligence therefore serves the employee experience.

Leena AI points out that the entry of artificial intelligence into the human resources sector has been a bit late compared, for example, to sales and marketing (where it is now a key factor for customer experience), but now we are expanding.

But why, according to Leena AI, is artificial intelligence having a disruptive impact in the human resources sector?

The entire employee experience is governed and designed by the human resources department of the company, and the traditional way to do so includes a series of activities such as instantly responding to all employee requests, providing them with everything they need, approving all the But it is difficult to achieve all this with the utmost perfection.

Combining artificial intelligence technology with the work of the HR team increases the efficiency and effectiveness of day-to-day operations of the HR department. It also helps to go beyond instinct and rely on data-driven assessments, treat every employee in the same way and lighten both the team and the managers from the trivial tasks to make them focus more on the strategic ways to get the employee

Some of the main cases of use of artificial intelligence that play an important role in shaping employee experience are: instant access to information such as business policies or benefits; automatic recommendations for learning and training; identification of talents at risk

Leena AI is more than just a chatbot: it is an artificial conversational intelligence that leverages NLP and machine learning to respond to employee demands by understanding multiple contexts. Speaking more languages, it can also be implemented on a worldwide distributed workforce.

It integrates with HRIS, communication and collaboration platforms, including: SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, Kronos, ADP, Darwinbox, Oracle PeopleSoft, Workplace by Facebook, Slack It then offers an analytics and reporting system, and much more.

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