Hippo is an app that exploits artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, allowing the principles of…nudging and behavioural sciences to be applied to daily, work and non-work interactions.

It works through the…nudges, or the kind bits or… suggestions that we give and receive from people as a result of an interaction.

Through the app it is possible to express the feelings related to interaction based on 4 elements: motivation • credibility • ability • results.

Hippo is a useful tool to improve daily the quality of social relationships, communication and perception we generate in others. His stimuli never express judgment or criticism, but only suggestions for improvement.

Based on the Artificial Intelligence algorithms designed by Performance Mind , and developed by Myti, Hippo detects user behavior by helping him understand what to pay more attention to, how to better define his areas It may require a comparison with the other to clarify, speak or simply deepen the suggestions received or given through the nudges.

Hippo is based on two components: the App and the Dashboard.

The App is based on a series of algorithms that, in the face of interactions between users, can process inputs that translate into graphic representations of the situation of the individual user in real time. Each input is analyzed directly in the App, ensuring a process of processing information in full compliance with the GDPR being the whole solution was developed in a logical Privacy by Design.

Download the App and you can also access the dashboard, My Space Hippo, where you can check progress and consult your profile in more detail.

Hippo is the acronym of H.elp I.mprove P.ermantly P.ositive O.organization and in its name is enclosed the promise that the solution wants to make to its users: create positive environments with high density of The development of the name has led to the association of the image of the hippopotamus that in animal symbolism represents emotional serenity and safety on the emotional plane.

At the base of Hippo is a revolutionary concept of Digital Humanization, a paradigm shift that uses technology as a means to return to humanize relationships. This concept is the core of the whole platform.

Hippo promotes self-awareness, testifies to the value and quality of its interactions within social groups. It promotes a calm and transparent climate in relationships and makes personal improvement its fundamental value. Complete and support the personal and work curriculum, through the total objectivity of the data. In the company, it improves the company climate, productivity and performance.

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