Interactive Media, developer of software for telecommunications, conversational AI and customer experience applications, has annihilated that its conversational solutions based on Artificial Intelligence have been chosen by the National Institute of Previdenza

A challenging target for INPS

The large number of different services that the INPS manages for citizens is definitely a challenge for the contact center, further amplified by the fundamental importance of customer satisfaction: even a small percentage of dissatisfied users would cause a considerable pressure on the entire customer service

Before 2016, the contact center had about 3,000 human operators to serve approximately 22 million calls per year. With the addition of new services that, under government mandate, were entrusted to the management of the INPS, the number of calls increased considerably. In those years, citizens had to navigate through a complex IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system to select the office or service relevant to their needs at the time, critical in terms of both use and maintenance.

The new solution was therefore to solve two main problems: the increasing number of interactions and an improvement in user experience.

The choice of natural language for artificial intelligence

Thanks to the support of Interactive Media and the use of Virtual Agents enabled by artificial intelligence, INPS has adopted a solution that can respond to calls and dialogue with citizens in natural language.

The transformation has been extremely effective, integrating a large number of services and options available to citizens. Before interaction in natural language was implemented, the contact center was to be navigated through a very complex menu consisting of multiple alternative options.

The implementation of a dialogue based on natural language has changed everything. The caller’s intent, which with the old method would have been identified through a long sequence of menus and confirmations, can now be understood by Virtual Agents after a short dialogue, often after the first sentence.

The accuracy of the identification of the reason for the calls (intent) and their routing is constantly monitored by INPS experts and is around 98%.

Citizens are invited to provide feedback on how to interact with the contact center , have shown that they appreciate it very much (, 85% are satisfied).

Opening up to new services

The choice to implement Virtual Agents in the contact center was strategic and decisive in order to cope with the increasing number of services and mandates, such as in 2019 when the INPS received the mandate to provide the citizenship income.

Overall, Virtual Agents with artificial intelligence so much enhance the contact center’s ability that the INPS estimates to be able to handle a volume of calls up to 2-3 times higher than that managed by the same number of human operators without virtual agents.

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