Companies across Europe are moving increasingly towards the digital age and Italian companies are among the fastest to adapt.

The recent Business Digitalisation in Europe Outlook 2019 study in Kyocera comes to this conclusion.

This research conducted by a specialist company in documentary solutions provides an in-depth view of how companies across the European continent manage digital transformation processes.

The study, explains Kyocera, interviewed 1,750 representatives of companies, ranging from self-employed professionals to employees of international companies, in seven European markets.

69% of Italian companies digitised at least half of their company documents, which exceeded five of the other seven countries examined: Turkey, Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Germany.

In fact, only 6% of Italian organizations admit that they have barely digitized any of the documents, a figure that is half that of other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Kyocera continues, the study reveals that the automation rate of business processes, another way of pursuing higher productivity, should grow in the years to come, since nine out of ten companies claim to be able to consider the automation of multiple processes in the next 12 months

A positive picture for our country emerges, but there is still to be done, Kyocera stresses. Italian companies are facing a number of challenges, such as protecting vital information and archiving documentation, and are only now beginning to approach simpler document management solutions that are present on the market.

Moreover, the study indicates that Italy is at the forefront in some departments, such as logistics and sales, but is lagging behind in the digitisation and automation of areas such as finance and human resources. This disparity between sectors reflects the way companies are moving digitally, and shows that there is still a long way to go.

According to Kyocera, it is essential that Italian companies adapt solutions such as Document Management System, Enterprise Content Management and Content Services to optimize workflows and achieve greater efficiency. Despite the fact that 44% of European companies are not aware of these solutions, these products are already having a major impact in various sectors and departments. In this sense, the use of technology to improve automation is a strategic priority for 35% of organisations.

In fact, it is not only geographically that there is a significant difference in adoption rates, since business size is also a factor. The speed at which companies automate most of their tasks reaches 72% among large companies with over 500 employees, compared to only 41% between small businesses and freelancers.

The full Digitalisation Business in Europe Outlook 2019 report by Kyocera Document Solutions Europe is available on the company’s website at this link.

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