Kyndryl and Google Cloud are creating a strategic partnership to accelerate the digital transformations of the current business.

Kyndryl and Google Cloud have announced a global partnership to accelerate digital transformations of their customers, helping them to become more advanced and sustainable companies thanks to the use of data.

The two companies will apply their respective competences in data and analytics, artificial intelligence and infrastructure modernisation to enable companies to obtain new insights for the benefit of business results.

In addition, Kyndryl’s services will support the operational continuity of the most critical systems on Google Cloud’s global infrastructure by providing seamless applications and data from the centre to the edge of the network.

As Google Cloud Premier Partner, Kyndryl is setting up a

The program is designed to contribute to the goal of training 40 million additional resources on Google Cloud and will guide several thousands of new certifications over the coming years.

To promote their collaboration, Kyndryl and Google Cloud are focusing on different key solutions areas.

Data, Analytics & AI: Kyndryl and Google Cloud want to help customers enable data mobility and analysis by combining Kyndryl’s data management services and integration capabilities with analys

Sap on Google Cloud: Kyndryl will accelerate the migration of SAP’s mission-critical workloads to Google Cloud thus offering customers the opportunity to get insights through data analysis, l

Enterprise Edge: Kyndryl plans to create new integrated industrial solutions, including services managed with Google Cloud to enable and expand connectivity, calculation and analysis at the edge of the network. Combining the distributed Google Cloud Lupin and data services with the implementation of Kyndryl and managed enterprise edge framework services, customers will be able to gain deep insights, perform activities

Sector solutions for financial services: the partnership will allow financial institutions to become more efficient and data-driven companies, managing risk and managing controls in all aspects of this highly regulated sector.

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