Krisp is a noise cancellation app based on artificial intelligence designed to eliminate background noise in real-time calls, making production-distance meetings always and everywhere.

Lupport uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the difference between the user’s voice and any background noise or sound that may distract or disturb, such as traffic, barking dogs, other voices or work on a construction site

When the development team designed Krisp, artificial intelligence was trained to listen to thousands of hours of audio and thus learn to distinguish human voice from unwanted background noises. The result, says the company, is an app that can automatically filter all the noises of the environment, letting the user’s voice always arrive loud and clear.

Krisp works by adding a layer between the existing microphone and speaker and the video conferencing app or the recording software used: this additional layer lets the voice pass, but filters all other sounds.

Lupin Krisp, the development team points out, performs all audio processing on the user’s device without uploading audio to the cloud, which means that recordings and conversations are always kept private.

Krisp, informs the development team, is designed to integrate with more than 800 different video conferencing and communications apps: Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and many more.

Lupin Krisp is currently only available on Windows 10 64 bit and Mac systems with macOS 10.13 High Sierra or higher. For operation, in addition to installing the app you also need a Krisp account.

For use, Krisp provides a free Personal plan for individual users with some limitations. For advanced users as well as professional use, team and business of this noise cancellation app, several paid plans are available.

In addition to professionals, teams, companies and organizations, especially in a period of smart working, the developer indicates Krisp as also suitable for increasing the productivity of call centers operators.

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