For a few minutes, several of the world’s most famous and busy websites have been out of service, with messages such as

To be impacted, among others, websites of the New York Times, CNN, the British Government and

At the root of this global disservice is the downfall of a cloud provider, Fastly.

Companies like Easypol are in the same condition, we have just received the following notice:

It is not known whether it is a simple technical problem or a hacker attack aimed at putting out of service websites.

We will update you when information is provided by the directly interested parties.

Update at 13: Fastly stated that it identified and resolved the failure caused by the collapse of its CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Fastly added that delays could occur in loading pages of websites affected by disservice, while the situation normalizes

The cloud provider states that • Fastly network has built-in redundancy and automatic failover routing to ensure optimal performance and time for tasks. But when a network problem occurs, we think our customers deserve clear and transparent communication so that they can maintain confidence in our service and team. Warnings will be published here when we redirect traffic, update hardware or, in the extremely rare case, our network does not need traffic

An extremely rare case that, in this case, has occurred with all its relapses.

Some media have also cited Aws as a cloud provider involved in disservices: the company has informed us that it has no role in events, and that its services (as verified) have always been online.

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