Intarget, strategic partner of digital marketing, will accompany Kiko Milano in a digital maturity path, moving from consulting and reviewing its website in terms of User Experience and User Interface to optimizing conversions and performances of its own and In this process, we add the production of content designed to meet the interest of users throughout its purchase process in the phases of awareness, consideration, conversion and, finally, loyalty.

As Diego Morgandi, E-commerce Director of the company, pointed out, Kiko is a company that is attentive to innovation aspects.

Kiko quickly understood the importance of optimizing digital processes and SEO content, which are essential to meet the needs of consumers when they browse the site.

According to Morgandi, intarget has proven to be an ideal partner: always on the technological frontiers with a solid expertise achieved in the years of collaboration with world leaders in the cosmetics sector and already aware of the regulator, crucial theme for the SEO and for the

Intarget work includes market study in several countries, through some phases: the first step is the analysis of user interest, that is, the moment when all keywords combinations are analysed, and for research related to the brand. Secondly, the analysis of the organic scenario provides a faithful image of where the brand is positioned compared to competitors, allowing intarget to give a series of strategic indications for the activities of the SEO. The visibility data on organic (non-payable) results are then combined with indicators representing competition at Paid level (for a fee), in order to obtain a total representation of the competition and to be able to give indications for an integrated coverage strategy.

Fabio Ardinghi, Head of SEO of intarget, said that contrary to what we normally think, the SEO is not limited to a mere occasional cleaning of its site: the adoption of products derived from our scenario analysis

Ardinghi also stressed that the approach of intarget relies on the analysis, planning and production of content directly in the language of the country to which we want to turn with a strong attention also to the influence that cultural elements have on the research and the types of content more

More and more, the consumer follows a non-linear shopping path, disoriented by the multiplicity of information and by the different touchpoints. A relevant content to the needs is able to actively engage the customer, making the experience positive and memorable. For this reason, lightness and quality must become a key element in the creation of content, useful for converting and loyalty, coupled with the optimization of the SEO and interfaces, thus reaching the customer at the right time and facilitating the purchase process.

The work on content is, today, crucial for the increasing importance of first-party data: producing content that is relevant to users, that meets their needs and (in) hold them on the brand’s website is more important than in the past and will always be.

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