After a long enough test period, JetBrains announced the general availability of Space, an all-in-one extendable solution for team collaboration that covers software development, project and team management and communications.

What exactly is it? This new solution aims to unify tools and information throughout the organisation, allowing for more effective collaboration between teams and the company as a whole.

By providing a platform where team members can communicate, share information and collaborate with projects, JetBrains Space removes silos that are often created within organizations.

Whether it’s developers, designers, management or any other kind of role, Space is designed to allow people to be more productive and to bring out their full potential.

Space integrates the tools needed for a software development pipeline of any scale, including: hosting and source code control (Git); code revision, including merge request and quality gate; bu automation job

More importantly, JetBrains points out, Space combines these tools with organisational and communication tools, allowing efficient collaboration.

In particular, the platform provides: a Team Directory that manages the organizational structure of the company, holidays, absences and locations, as well as other things; communication and information sharing tools that include chat, blog and documents; management of

With most data in a single tool, Space can use them to provide many possibilities, such as the unification of all types of notifications into a single stream, the minimization of interruptions while people are employed and the possibility to prevent the assignment of tasks to members of the

Combining the functionality of a whole suite of instruments into a single application, JetBrains stresses, also reduces initial and maintenance costs as well as indirect costs, while minimising the efforts needed to learn the tools of a new team,

Since the launch of the Early Access Program, he has informed JetBrains, about 25 thousand organizations have joined Space. EAP customers sent over 1.5 million messages, created more than 13,000 repositories, reported more than 38,000 issues and opened more than 12,000 code revisions.

Space, therefore, assures JetBrains, has already had an intense test.

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