ManpowerGroup launches Jefferson Wells, a brand specializing in research and selection of senior and executive managers in Italy.

Jefferson Wells is aimed at candidates and companies and connects people and skills by giving companies the experience and innovative solutions to accelerate business growth, depending on the needs of industrial sectors, activities and customer organisations.

To do this, the multinational workforce solution brand innovates the selection processes on top management through the use of assessment and analysis-based evaluation standards of big data, so that they are predictive of the performance of managers inserted in the business context.

The brand’s mission is in fact attraction, evaluation, research and selection of seniors and executives, through consultants specializing in engineering, finance, HR and legal, banking, insurance, life sciences and sales and marketing

Diversity and inclusion

Jefferson Wells is inspired in his work by the principles of transparency and meritocracy and promotes gender equality, recognition of know-how, talent and all forms of inclusion.

Jefferson Wells completes ManpowerGroup’s brand family, made by Manpower, Experiences and Talent Solutions.

The director of Alessandro Testa, who in a note explains how “Human resources are increasingly important today, not only in terms of the formation of people, but also for the role of ambassador and influencer and for their ability to attract and Jefferson Wells is also performance and inclusiveness. We are committed to establishing lasting relationships with trust-based companies and professionals, aimed at eliminating gender gaps, and promoting the recognition of talent and all forms of inclusion.

The online campaign • The manager you’re looking for •

• To grow a company you need the right people • is the concept of Jefferson Wells’ online and social campaign that starts LinkedIn and on the brand’s website.

When a company is looking for a manager, it can first achieve its goal if it knows the names of the right people.

The biggest aspiration for a candidate manager is therefore that his name precedes him.

Jefferson Wells becomes the emblem of the professional that the company is looking for, the right manager to grow the business and in which the candidate can easily recognize himself.

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