The Covid-19 emergency in Italy has forced many companies to transform the organizational structure and that production by accelerating digitalization and activating the smart working, within which concretely intervenes the Jamio openwork workflow management platform.

The added value of the platform lies not only in digitalisation itself, but also in the speed with which Jamio opens work allows businesses to switch to digital.

With the approach to non-code application development, in fact, this technology allows organizations to quickly start a process of digital transformation with sustainable investments and low risk of enterprise. A strong response, and all Italian, to a period full of uncertainties and sudden changes.

Who uses Jamio Openwork For Giuseppe Martinoli, CEO of Fiduciaria Giardini Spa, a company that since 1982 has been supporting customers in the management of corporate shares, financial assets and real estate: Â the In this way each operator involved in the individual procedures is called to intervene in the collaborative processes

The new Jamio openwork 4.6 Harp version introduces new features to support the digitization of documents and business processes, first of all the possibility to integrate QR-Code into complex business cases, extending digital processes in typically offline areas.

The new features enrich the range of solutions and possibilities offered to customers and business partners by the platform (including document management, ticketing, Pec management, CRM solution, tender management, clinical trials, approved processes).

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