Jam is a platform developed with the aim of transforming any product or website into a collaborative document in which it becomes possible to comment, discuss, create tasks and even use tools already in use such as Jira and Asana.

The developer startup describes Jam as a new in-the-flow collaboration tool for product teams that transforms a website into a collaborative document, allowing team members to add comments and create tasks directly from the product.

Jam integrates with existing tools such as Jira, GitHub, Figma, Loom and others so that teams can easily use all their tools without having to change context to complete the work.

It is a bit like applying memos and creating post-its directly on the development and staging environment, to make communication and collaboration easier and faster designers, developers and other roles involved in the realization of a product.

Jam, as its developers admit, is also one of many collaboration products born on the basis of the new needs emerged in this particular period when the new normality is made of smart working and remote teams. Jam’s own development team is completely remote, scattered between Atlanta, Wroclaw and Belgrade.

The company Jam.dev was just born in October last year, and in these few months it has already made considerable progress, both in terms of funding rounds and product updates.

In November, he launched the beta of Jam Wand, a tool that allows you to click on any text on your live website, modify it and send the change to GitHub for the code merge. The goal of developers with this tool is to make editing the copy of a website as easy as editing a Google Docs document. The tool is in beta version and you can request an invitation to test it.

Even more recently, at the end of January, he introduced Jam Genies: a network of world-renowned experts ready to help their team build a better website. With this new launch, Jam’s tools to build a product are combined with the ability for its customers to access the knowledge and know-how of industry experts.

Most teams need external expertise to help them improve their website. While large companies can afford to hire consultants at a cost-effective level, small and medium-sized enterprises do not have this possibility.

And it is to them that Jam has thought with Jam Genies, a network of experts that allows you to find help from professionals with a solid experience that can offer assistance for the specific problem that needs to be addressed, when you need it, without any fixed or initial commitment and

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