Itasec21, the fifth edition of the main national conference on cybersecurity, will end on 9 April.

The event’s size reads: • National Perimeter, cyber diplomacy and security in orbit, meaning that for three days academics, industries and institutions are confronted online on the most extensive and current issues of cybersecurity.

From cybersecurity in the aerospace sector to the development of cyber diplomacy as a constant of global geopolitics: themes that are increasingly relevant in the global scenario and inevitably central to the national one.

The event is online and can be followed for free.

The event, which was last held in 2020 in Ancona, will be attended again by representatives of the institutions, academia and industry, for a unique and cross-cutting discussion on the challenges of digitalisation and the role of Italy in the face of them.

Itasec21 is organized by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory of the CINI(National Interuniversity Consortium for Computer Science).

Organized in several parallel paths, Itasec21 moves on the main stage • the Stakeholder Space • experts in international diplomacy, aerospace security and the European panorama of cybersecurity, in a series of events that offer the opportunity to

On April 8, Dr. Nunzia Ciardi, director of the Postal Police, also spoke with a presentation on the impact of the Covid-19 in the field of cybercrime.

On April 9th, itasec will be on the virtual stage21 some of the top international experts of 5G for a meeting on telecommunications security (which will be held in English), on a day where the themes of human role in cybersecurity and gender divisions will be explored.

This year Itasec hosts a space in which to take stock of the cybernetic National Perimeter, thanks to the presence of the Deputy Director General of the Dis (Department for the security of the republic), Prof. Roberto Baldoni.

In parallel, the workshops, Scientific track and Vendor sessions will be held, where there will be a detailed discussion on the economy of computer security, the future role of the people in protecting digital infrastructures, the safety of mobile devices, the analysis of anomalies and protection

The presentations of some of the world’s leading digital experts are particularly anticipated, and they will be holding presentations of unique prestige at Itasec21. Among these Lujo Bauer, professor of software research at Carnegie Mellon University and Luciano Floridi, professor of Sociology of Communication at the University of Bologna, on April 8 and 9 respectively, in Scientific Track.

Workshop, Scientific track and Vendor session will also allow active participation of the public through the Webex platform, after registration on the official website of the event. All track will be accompanied by the presence of a Slack channel, through which it will be possible to comment, submit reflections and ask questions to moderators and guests.

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