Ambition Italia for the School is a new initiative by Microsoft with Fondazione Mondo Digitale to prepare students for the work of the future.

To make it concrete Microsoft extends its partnership with the Politecnico di Milano and, together with the University of Naples Federico II and the Polytechnic of Bari, starts the third laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence and big data in the framework of collaboration with CRUI,

Both initiatives are part of the wider protected Ambition Italy, launched last September to accelerate digital transformation in Italy.

The project builds on the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence and consists of a training, updating and retraining programme of skills, in line with the new technological trends and labour market demands, with the aim of contributing to the country’s employment and growth.

Four months after the start of the project, 200,000 professionals are already involved in the project, of which 43,000 have followed training courses and 7,000 have obtained Microsoft certifications.

With Ambizione Italia Microsoft aims to involve more than 2 million young people, students, NEETs and professionals throughout Italy by 2020, training over 500,000 people and certifying 50,000 professionals for an investment of 100 million euros in training activities and approach to the digi

The second round of the project was presented by Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, who stressed how . In Microsoft we have always been committed to helping students acquire the digital skills needed to face the But preparing the new generations also means helping them understand the ethical, political and social impact of new technological trends. The Ambition Italia project helps us to do both things.

Professional route for 250,000 students

Ambition Italy for the School will involve 250,000 students aged between 12 and 18 and 20,000 teachers throughout Italy, 80% of whom are located in the most disadvantaged areas of the country, in courses to acquire skills in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics

Students will also be engaged in production workshops, hackathons and creative marathons. The courses will take place in 37 hubs located in 14 regions.

Forming the data scientists

Microsoft extends its partnership with the Politecnico di Milano and announces the third laboratory dedicated to artificial intelligence and big data that, together with the two started at the University of Naples Federico II and the Polytecnico di Bari thanks to the pilot project in

In the course of the semi-annual courses of the Polytechnic that already deal with the themes of artificial intelligence and data, the teachers will integrate online modules and exercises to allow students to experiment with Microsoft technologies, acquiring additional specific skills that will make them more ready to the digital challenges of

At the end of the experience, participants will be able to take some exams of the Microsoft Data Science certification path.

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