Startup & Tech Italian Ecosystem, the new association of the Italian ecosystem of startups and innovation, is now born strong of a network that promotes over 3,000 realities of the ecosystem and as a synthesis of the history of two of the most well-known associations in the sector, The new subject is a privileged interlocutor on the issues of innovation and startups towards the central institutions (government and parliament in the first place), regional and European.

InnovUp represents the Italian chain for innovation startups, in Italy and abroad, with great attention to young innovative enterprises from the stage of the first development (in universities, research centres, science parks, innovation centres) to those of growth and

The new entity is the result of the integration between two complementary associative realities: APSTI (which brings together 20 Scientific and Technological Parks for a total of 150 research centres and over 3,500 hosted companies) presides over the components of research & development, technology transfer

InnovUp aims to reduce the fragmentation of the sector by welcoming all the subjects that are recognized in the new representation project and simultaneously aims to strengthen the territorial and international presence through the valorization of all the categories of the associates, consistent with the provisions of the recent Decree Rela

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