Poste Italiane has joined the Hyperledger community, a global consortium of the Linux Foundation that brings together over 260 global operators, from different industrial sectors, united in the development of an open source standard for blockchain and Distributed Led

The Group’s membership of Hyperledger led by Matteo Del Fante, reports a note, is consistent with the strategic lines identified by the Deliver 2022 Industrial Plan that aim to strengthen the digital leadership of Poste Italiane, and accelerates the path of acquisition of new skills

Hyperledger is a project involving many operators active in the blockchain and DLT technology segment.

Among the members of this global consortium are the largest companies in the financial, banking, manufacturing, distribution and technology sectors.

According to Poste Italiane, at a stage in which digital evolution quickly enables new services, data security is becoming increasingly important.

In this context, the blockchain is applying to be an effective response to security, transparency, interoperability and privacy issues, and Poste Italiane is committed to making it easy to use to put it at the service of the country system.

The blockchain and DLT, remembers Poste in the same note, are shared registers of information to which all participants have access to a network. When a shared log is made up of blocks of information that are linked to each other and made unchangeable, it is called blockchain.

These are solutions considered to be capable of a qualitative leap, obtained thanks to technologies designed to change the model of storage and sharing of information, with the reversal of the paradigm according to which the centralized physical control of data corresponds to greater security.

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