Something has changed, and we are not referring to the 1997 film with a very good Jack Nicholson, but on the Italian Internet.

Over the last two months, the desire to cancel, at least for a short period of vacation, the daily oppression that accompanied us during the lockdown has exploded.

Perhaps there is also a desire to return to the old, dear normality of the Ferragostan rites rather than to a normal

And here we are recording, with this very indirect and approximate tool, the moods and behaviors of Italian Internet users.

We tried to juxtapose the charts of the last period just before the pandemic broke out here in Italy (February) with the last two months, using the usual charts week by week, Monday to Sunday.

Below we see the trend of the…………………………………………..

Every day of the month the peak of maximum use always fell into the evening time slot (21-23), when Italians used the Internet as an entertainment tool, for films and television series, for football matches.

Let’s skip now to July.

The average traffic values that travel through the MIX are a little higher than those of the beginning of the year (only a little bit, but in previous years we saw instead the traffic of the holiday period fall well below that of the previous months).

On weekend days we see patterns that resemble those of the early 2020 months, with a marked peak of entertainment especially on Sunday evenings.

On the contrary, the other days of the week appear, in all respects, ‘work’, with a sharp peak of traffic both in the morning and, above all, in the early afternoon.

Even events that generate peaks of extemporaneous traffic such as the release of game updates (fortnite, which continues to live of great popularity, beyond the quarrels between Epic Games and Apple), have a considerable impact on traffic over the course of the

Finally, we would like to make a hypothesis, almost sociological: the holidays have been restricted, or are’spalmate’ over a wider period of’mini vacations’ that go unnoticed by our microscope.

In the old normal, the intensive use of the Internet was abandoned for over a month, since mid-July and almost the beginning of September.

Let us now look at what happened last August.

Until 5/6 of the month everything went on as in the previous months, so much smart working and use of the network during the day.

Then there are two and a half weeks of ferragostana stasis, corresponding to the crowded beaches in the southern regions and the Alpine trails with the rows; but already starting Monday 24 we returned to the usual levels.

Italians are worried about the future that awaits them, but they have rolled up their sleeves and, especially those who, thanks to the Internet, are lucky enough to be able to work remotely, thank and start working again with their heads down, as they did starting from March

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