After these three months of lockdown, we have a new awareness of what digital can be for our world, a human digital that will use artificial intelligence more and more and will not be used.

This is how TeamSystem’s CEO Federico Leproux, was expressed, in the queue of the digital event TalksDigital Partner Edition, dedicated to presenting digital solutions to partners, which has collected over 2,000 entries.

The numbers TeamSystem made in 2019 are eloquent: 418 million revenues, up by more than 20%, 30% from the cloud, 1.4 million customers.

In smart working in 72 hours

By the same admission as Leproux, TeamSystem moves a quarter of the Italian electronic invoices, so much so that the CEO goes to say that we are a player of system for Italian SMEs. And in this sense we also have responsibilities.

TeamSystem 2020 started well: the first quarter recorded an additional 10% increase in revenues.

Then came the emergency Covid-19, in which, says Leproux, , we gave proof of resilience, putting people first in safety, already starting from the day when the criticality of Codogno emerged

The story that followed is known to all. And, notes Leproux, the ability to react that we have seen on the market towards digital ‘we are responsible even more.

Digital Resumption in progress

Leproux records signs of recovery: • in the first weeks of June we even recorded a rebound compared to 2019 • •.

Moreover, the fact that during the lockout 65% of electronic invoices were made compared to the previous year, Â is a sign that the economy has never stopped completely.

In front of this TeamSystem he took a step forward: › We asked the customer base what remained from the lockout. It was found that 86% of customers attribute greater importance to digital than pre-crisis.

The positive feeling towards digital is dominated by the propensity to cloud and digital collaboration with customers. A given, for Leproux, on which to build the present and the future.

New GDP is digital

A significant figure, which also emerges from a study conducted by the Digital Innovation Observatory in the SMEs of the Politecnico di Milano.

Bridging the digital divide will lead us as a Country System a 15% productivity increase, • a medicine • according to Leproux • to cure the evil of Italian SMEs: the competitiveness of cost, size and productivity

And closing the gap with the German SMEs digitization index, in particular, which would require the Italian SMEs to increase their index by 65%, could mean an increase of up to 7 percentage points of GDP for Italy if accompanied by a programme extended to large enterprises

To do this, according to TeamSystem, the levers to be lifted are four (collaborative interaction with customers, technologies, processes and skills) and the application actions on which we move in the immediate are three, obviously 100% digital.

As explained by the Product Solutions Executive Director of Teamsystem, Fulvio Talucci, the three development strands look after the practical and affix to the technical, financial and physical health contexts in the company.

The recovery of work after lockdown is a must for all companies. TeamSystem HR Healthy Workspace integrates various solutions in digital: the presence module, the assessment and self-certification functions based on events, the management of personal protective devices and the management of training and information of personnel. The service is n cloud, self service, data driver, integrated into existing business systems.

The technological solution for professionals is Digital Box, with digital services for managing deadlines, files and documents, digital signature, dashboards, digital collaboration tools and apps to connect professional and customer. The solution currently has 4000 active studies and 50,000 related companies.

A solution that also opens up to ongoing projects in the field of artificial intelligence, which TeamSystem wants to put in customer management systems to allow better work. A core of artificial intelligence is already present in Teamsystem Enterprise and, precisely, in Digital Box, with the system that understands what the user is doing.

The development is in the intepretative key of knowledge mining, which identifies and catalogs the professional study documents. It is, in essence, to use intelligence to help study operations.

Talucci also pointed out that TeamSystem favours the use of Spid by the professional user, for application collaboration, to get the Teamsystem system to work with the PA platform. ♪Today the dialogue is asynchronous, tomorrow the spid must be integrated ♪

Health is financial

Not least, solutions are available for managing the financial health of companies.

Like the Cash solution Now, for liquidity management, in strategic partnership with Banco Bpm. Used already by 20,000 SMEs and micro enterprises, now has new functions for professionals: distanding customer drafts, displaying non-eligible invoices, selecting invoices loaded in self-send and integration of features in the Digital Box.

The new financial health is TS Pay. As Enrico Causero, Micro and Cloud Business Executive Director of TeamSystem explained: a solution to reconcile bank movements.

For two weeks TeamSystem Payments has been recognized by Banca d’Italia as the Institute of Payment. A peculiar case for the Italian market, This means that from micro business to large business there will be functionality of digital receipts and payments. This means that in compliance with the PSD2 Directive, payment from management will be available without entering the banking environment. The substance is to have payments integrated into the management system.

The approval of the Bank of Italy dates back two weeks ago. TeamSystem now has a few months of work ahead of it to integrate technology into solutions, in the face of a technological work already in place. We will have concrete steps in September. The first wave for gestures will be available in the last quarter and in the first of 2021 we will have the complete live solution.

We will arrive in degrees, therefore, with differentiated cases of use, but not for size cut: the functions of financial management (recess, payments, reconciliation) will be valid for all 1.4 million TeamSystem customers.

Digital Resilience

To close, Daniele Lombardo, Marketing and Digital Director remembers how in TeamSystem DNA there is the ability to adapt: Â our physical Talks was expected in April. Meanwhile we realized that the way we communicate with customers has changed. and communicating has become a priority. In two months through our digital events we met 11,000 customers and now we have a model of relationship strengthened

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