Four moves to turn data into information for business into four videos: we explain the convergence between IT and OT in a Web miniseries with Franco Andrighetti, managing director of Efa Automazione.

In the first episode (Devices, machines, production lines: the sources of data) Andrighetti explained that the data, in order to be a founding element of the only business process feasible today, that called digital transformation, must be switched into useful information

In this second episode Andrighetti explains that the highways that must carry data between operations and ICT must be reliable, safe, use protocols and certified products.

Andrighetti therefore talks about brown field and green field, which classify the assets existing in a productive field.

Brown field is a space characterized by over forty years of heterogeneous communication, based on different electrical standards and protocols that represent an obstacle, sometimes insurmountable, for the collection of data.

The green field, otherwise, is the term by which modern, digital assets are identified, which are already created for the interchange of data. These assets use Ethernet, which according to Andrighetti we could define as a highway of the data, in various forms, both wired and wireless.

To harmonize these two worlds to homogenize data and make available to most databases is the challenge that involves daily those who are involved in bringing together IT and LMOT.

This process of data homogenization, explains Andrighetti, passes through the use of hardware and software that Efa Automazione has developed in over thirty years of experience.

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