Four moves to turn data into information for business into four videos: we explain the convergence between IT and OT in a Web miniseries with Franco Andrighetti, managing director of Efa Automazione.

In the first episode (Devices, machines, production lines: the sources of data) Andrighetti explained that the data, in order to be a founding element of digital transformation, must be switched into information useful to the company. In the second episode Andrighetti explained that the highways that must carry data between operations and ICT must be reliable, safe, use protocols and certified products.

In this third episode, it focuses on databases, defining them as the general warehouses of the data.

Before the advent of the cloud and the paradigm of the Internet of Things, the database could be considered as the point of arrival of the data collection.

The database, Andrighetti observes, referred to the various programs that accessed it to carry out their functions.

Today, instead, the data collected from the field enters the databases to be processed, aggregated, chronologically associated, as evidenced by the concept of time stamp.

After passing through an endless series of proprietary, standard, temporary databases, and subjected to actions of realignment and synchronization, the data becomes ready to be used by IT in a transparent and economical way.

Thus, explains Andrighetti, the fusion of the two worlds, IT and OT, which contribute to the creation of holistic systems takes shape physically.

From the synergy of the IT and OT worlds, which contributed to the collection of data, the refining of data and its transformation into information, and therefore in economic value by the service platforms operating in the cloud, arise.

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