The mobile app IO, which allows you to interact with the Italian Public Administrations, both local and national, and to enjoy public services, is available in an open beta version for iOS and Android, on the App Store and Google Play.

This is the first public version of IO, the public services app, whose development began in 2018 and whose closed beta version has been tested since March 2019 by about two thousand citizens in different territories.

Lupp is an important step that is part of the long process of transformation of the Public Administration of our country, carried out with the contribution of the Digital Transformation Team, whose projects have merged at the end of 2019 into the Department for the digital transformation of the Presidency of the Council

IO is a unique app for all public services for citizens, as a digital channel that any public body can use to send communications to its users, provide updates, remember deadlines or request payments. A great simplification for both institutions and users: the former will not need to equip themselves with their own digital platform; the latter will not have to create and manage multiple accounts and learn different interfaces and procedures.

Once the infrastructure and the app are ready, it will then be up to public authorities to make digital services and the new channel of interaction with citizens available. Initially, in the app, it will be possible to find some national services and provided by local authorities, and over time many more should be added.

The IO app presents messages and notices from the Public Administration, as well as updates on deadlines, conveniently in a single position. It then offers pagoPA integrated into the app, to pay quickly and securely for public services and have the history of operations.

To use the IO app you must access with the SPID credentials (Public Digital Identity System).

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