Intesa Sanpaolo has signed with TIM and Google a Memorandum of Understanding for the realization of a project that previews that the credit institution will use the cloud services of Google, on the Italian datacenters of TIM.

The project will open a technological infrastructure in Turin for the provision of Google Cloud services and the opening of a centre dedicated to artificial intelligence, training and professional support of start-ups with joint initiatives (to be defined) between In

To that of Turin will be added a second Google Cloud Region in Milan to ensure the continuity of operations.

Both Google Cloud Region will be implemented according to the best practices of environmental sustainability and, in compliance with the Intesa Sanpaolo Group guidelines, will be carbon neutral.

Intesa Sanpaolo becomes an IT digital company

Once the agreement between the Parties on all contractual terms and conditions has been reached and the clearing has been obtained by the competent authorities, the project will allow Intesa Sanpaolo to transform digitally.

Google Cloud services in the Cloud Region will enable the digital transformation of Italian companies that want to take advantage of the technological and economic benefits of the cloud.

The key to the Chief IT, Digital & Innovation Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo, Massimo Proverbio:

While for Carlo D’Asaro Biondo, Executive Vice President of Tim ›This is an important agreement, which lays the foundations of a long-term partnership for the creation of a

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