The emergency has spared no one, and because of the pandemic also internet advertising will pay a very salty price: -14% in 2020, for a total of 2.8 billion euros, a value lower than that of 2018.

Within Display advertising, the advertising collection of Videos (highly growing in recent years) will drop by 12% and Banners by 15%, conditioned especially by the Brand Safety logic of companies.

The collection resulting from the purchase of spaces on search engines (-14%) and on eCommerce & Classified advertising portals (-21%) is also decreasing. The only growing format will probably be Digital Audio advertising, although still marginal in absolute values and with a weight of less than 0.2% of the total market.

The use of video content is increasingly connected: 59% of Italians declare that they have access to at least one SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service and today only 37% (it was 49% only two years ago) chooses the contents of their own interest between

The central device to see these contents remains the TV. The time spent on this device to benefit from on demand services increases (from 52% to 55% of the total time), it remains constant on PC (22%), while it falls on Smartphone and Tablet. Individuals who access these services are also growing through Smart TV (38% vs 32%) or devices to connect to the TV (25% vs 18%). Not only that: 66% of the members of these services have changed some of their habits to make the most of their subscription. In particular: 18% choose the titles on PC or Smartphone but then connect them to the television to see them better; 15% have purchased a device specifically to make their TV connected; 14% have purchased a Smart TV.

The Internet Media Observatory notes that comparing the trend of internet advertising with that of other media, only Television will have a decrease comparable to that of the Internet channel in 2020, while Radio, Press and Out of Home (OHO) will have decreased more The total collection at the end of 2020 will be around €7 billion, the worst figure for at least 15 years. TV and Internet will maintain market leadership (with 42% and 40% share respectively), while Press (9%), Radio (5%) and Out of Home (4%) will share the remaining part.

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