How could the next versions of Apple Pencil be? It may suggest a new patent that was awarded to the Cupertino house a few days ago, even if the request was filed in the distant 2011. The patent for an “intelligent style” describes something very similar to the current Pencil, i.e. a unit that includes electronics and sensors to calculate its position in relation to a display, detect some additional parameters and communicate the whole to a “intelligent” object that

Pencil already works like that. It has a very sensitive pressure sensor that evaluates the strength with which we press the stylus on the iPad Pro display and this involves, for example, the display on screen of pencil strokes more or less thick. At the same time Pencil “communicate” its inclination to enable other effects.

The “style” described in the patent is similar but it provides interchangeable tips that are identified by the body of the stylus itself and that have different sensors from each other, which allows applications so far not explored of the stylus. For example, a brush tip is expected to be a real brush, a small camera, a chromatic sensor.

The patent also provides that different styles may belong to different users and that they communicate this information to the tablet, so that this can make a difference between the traits tracked by one user and those tracked by another, for example using different colors to show them. It is also assumed that the stylus can identify your user via fingerprints.

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