Intel True View is a platform that allows viewers of sporting events to view actions from every angle. Even from the players’ point of view. Replay, synthesis and highlights can be played, and displayed, on the maxi-screens in the stadiums, on TV, on websites or in mobile apps.

This is achieved by the combined use of high resolution cameras and data-crusching technology. And he’s finding employment in stadiums of every sport and all over the world. Intel True View technology is also used in Intel Studios, a production studio dedicated to the production of volumetric content.

Intel now announces a collaboration with the British football teams Arsenal FC, Liverpool FC and Manchester City. The partnership includes the implementation of Intel True View in Emirates Stadium, Anfield and Etihad Stadium.

How magic works

Thanks to Intel True View fans from all over the world will be able to see the most interesting moments of the game from every angle. Not only if they’re watching the live show. Even if they relive the post-game action from the official website, mobile app or social media of clubs.

To make this possible, a number of field implementations are needed.

Intel Sports’ volumetric video processing creates a replay with 360-degree multi-angle views, using 38 ultra-high-definition 5K cameras. In addition, laser wall is a virtual plan that offers viewers a clear image of where players are positioned on the field.

The multi-camera system captures images with information of height, width and depth using voxels. These are 3D pixels, pixels with volumetric information. It is the presence of this additional information that allows you to produce spectacular three-dimensional renderings and multi-angle views.

The Intel True View image capture system generates an impressive volume of data. The processing of this enormous amount of data requires considerable power. The work is performed by Intel’s on-site farm servers, on company processors. These process volumetric data to generate three-dimensional representations.

For the processing of server data, Intel uses proprietary algorithms optimized for results and speed. The software recreates the different views and 3D volumetric representations of players and objects. A virtual environment is regenerating in practice and can be explored from every perspective.

With Intel True View, you get on the field with the players

Intel True View is able to block a game moment to allow you to view the action from a player’s point of view. This also allows presenters and experts to share a new level of insight into the tactics and decisions made by players. And therefore to provide completely new prospects.

Intel also stresses that marriage between sport and technology can represent an important business opportunity. The sports industry is going through a period of significant changes, says Intel. Consumer needs are changing, pushing more and more towards technology. The leagues and brands, in turn, move to meet the expectations of fans.

In 2018, Intel adds, technological investments in sport reached almost $1 billion.

More information about Intel True View, and video demos, are available on the Intel website at this link.

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