is a platform of artificial speech intelligence for dialogue marketing and advertising.

The mission of this San Francisco company is to revolutionize the advertising industry by allowing users to talk with ads: jump to those who are not interested and stimulate the curiosity of learning more about it in a hand-held environment

The dialogue advertising creates, according to, a win scenario for all: users get better advertising experience, advertisers can measure campaign performance and engagement, publishers benefit and rates of advertising

The company’s goal is to build an ecosystem of open voice ads.’s artificial intelligence solutions are open to everyone: app developers, media companies, advertising agencies, DSPs, SSPs, network.

According to Instreamatic, what brands need nowadays is to build meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers.

If you want to proceed in the old-fashioned way and use traditional audio marketing by storming consumers with repeated ads that most of them find irrelevant, you can’t be successful, it’s Instreamatic’s opinion.

The way to provide real value to customers is to engage in a dialogue with them and find out what they really find relevant. For, this is the time when conversational marketing becomes a game changer and can bring great benefits to everyone: publishers, advertisers and consumers.

To this end, offers a voice dialogue marketing infrastructure that provides intelligent people with whom they can converse.

In particular, Instreamatic Voice AI Core allows media companies, advertisers and tech providers to engage the public with an intelligent and funny advertising based on dialogue. Customers can license the platform or access it via API to take advantage of the dialogue advertising features.

Instreamatic Audio Ad Platform is a marketing platform with all the tools to manage, measure and monetize traffic with digital audio advertising.

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