From today the new Remix for Reels is available on Instagram, which allows you to record the reels along with someone else.

If this feature sounds to you, don’t be surprised: it is actually very similar to the popular Duets option of TikTok.

In a video, Instagram explained how to use the new feature, which will be enabled by default in all Reels that are published.

The new feature offered by Instagram is very simple: In fact, users to use remix must tap the menu key with the three dots on a reel, select the item In addition, you can also check both the volume of the original and the recorded audio, and even add an off-field voice.

Similar to TikTok, the function can be used to create reactions, collaborate with other creators or simply highlight a coil that you like.

The competition for the social market is becoming increasingly evident; the phenomenon TikTok has perhaps found the other players unprepared on the market that for months have been engaged in a run run for the last feature.

The basic question remains how effective it can be to re-gain market shares and user satisfaction by replicating options already appreciated elsewhere.

However, it is often very difficult to guess which proposal is able to shift the balance.

Few would have wagered in TikTok’s global success in 2016, the year of its launch, yet today we are talking about a reality worth tens of billions of dollars, at the center of numerous market negotiations and endless controversy.

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