Microsoft Inspire 2020 (annual event dedicated to Microsoft partners, which this year is held in digital format) comes a rain of updates and improvements for Microsoft 365 platform and apps, related to productivity, functionality, integrations with third parties and, last but not least,

Announced in spring, Microsoft Lists, a Microsoft 365 app that helps track information and organize work, will begin to be distributed at the end of July 2020 and will be available in Microsoft Teams in August 2020. The output of the iOS Mobile Lists app is expected by the end of the year.

Lists allows users to track problems, resources, routines, contacts, inventory and more, using customizable views, rules and comments to keep everyone synchronized. Already ready models facilitate the first steps with the app, which can be further extended with Power Platform integrations.

Another new addition that had already been announced in spring is Universal Print, a Microsoft SaaS (software as a service) solution that enables users to have an intuitive, rich and secure printing experience, and facilitates work

Printer manufacturers, Microsoft has announced, are working on native support for Universal Print and independent software providers are developing solutions for printing and output management with the integration of the service.

Yammer has met a redesign, with a user experience reinvented both for the web and mobile devices, made with the Fluent Design System. Among the new features: conversations in focus to increase visibility and involvement of the most important ones and support for external guests in the communities, based on Azure B2B.

Among Microsoft 365 Teams apps is certainly one of the products on which Microsoft’s upgrade activity is more intense in recent times, and understandably, considering the extensive use made of it during this period.

Microsoft announced new ways to support hybrid meeting experience at Inspire 2020 through enhanced device management capabilities. Companies have two options to manage Microsoft Teams Rooms devices: either internally or with a partner through new features in the Admin Center Teams, or externalize to Microsoft or a certified Microsoft partner, with Managed Mee

Managed Meeting Rooms, now generally available, offer a cloud-based It service that includes 24/7 proactive management and monitoring, provided by Microsoft experts: for customers, they represent the possibility to shift the operating burden of their rooms to Micro

Microsoft is also publishing a new Meeting Room Practice Guide to enable partners to provide managed or value-added services on Microsoft Teams Rooms or Managed Meeting Rooms.

Microsoft Teams integration for head-mounted devices RealWear offers firstline workers free-hand access to information and the ability to make calls with remote experts directly from the site they are working on. Users can access chat, remote support and other resources using only voice commands.

Lupp Teams for wearable HeadWear HMT-1 computer is now available in public preview and can be downloaded from the RealWear Foresight app platform.

In addition, new Teams platform improvements will offer Microsoft partners and developers the opportunity to expand the Teams meeting experience.

Developers will be able to enable even richer scenarios and experiences by creating apps that can be integrated as new tabs into Teams meetings, as well as new side panels and real-time notification features. Users will be able to add apps to the meeting checkbar for easy access by meeting participants. These platform updates will be available for public preview from the end of July.

Communities, a new interactive app called Yammer, is now generally available in Teams mobile apps. It allows all employees, including firstline staff, to participate in their Yammer communities, receive organizational announcements and critical updates, participate in business discussions as well as live events, along with shifts, activities and projects.

Microsoft Teams’ Walkie Talkie is now also a public preview. This push-to-talk experience turns Android devices owned by employees or the company into walkie-talkie for immediate and secure voice communications on the cloud. It also helps to reduce the number of devices that employees have to carry, as well as the costs for it, and frees communication channels from cross-talk or interceptions.

Jabra/BlueParrott and Klein Electronics, also informed Microsoft, joined Samsung among the companies that develop devices that will provide native integration with Teams Walkie Talkie.

There are no shortage of new security features in Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s new public preview of the Endpoint Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365 helps customers identify and protect endpoint information. Data Loss Prevention helps prevent data leaks and provides context-based policy implementation for inactive, in-use, and moving data, local and cloud-based.

Since it is integrated into Windows 10, Office apps and Microsoft Edge, you do not need any agent and can be distributed quickly. It is also integrated with existing DLPs in Microsoft Teams, Exchange and SharePoint, thus helping companies meet compliance requirements on Microsoft 365.

To meet the particular regulatory needs of some organizations, Microsoft has then announced the public preview of Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365, which allows companies to protect the most confidential data while maintaining full control of the encryption key.

In addition, Redmond’s company has also announced the public preview of several other new features that further improve the rich detection and remediation capabilities set available in Insider Risk Management and Communication Compliance of Microsoft 365.

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