Nutanix is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by Inside Group Technology, a world leader in 3D display of high-end furniture elements, to create a hyperconverging infrastructure and support, in safety and speed, graphic workstations

Founded in 2007 as an architectural studio of interior and exterior, Inside Technology Group is now recognized worldwide as a reference point in 3D display of furnishing elements, an evolution undertaken by the founder Cristian Aiselli to cope with the crisis suffered by the

Inside Group Technology has 40 professionals, has a headquarters of over 600 square meters where six kilometers of network cables and 3,600 processors are located, and has created a 3D library of over 15 thousand objects. While the company continued to grow in the furniture sector for the most wealthy customers, traditional server-storage architectures started to struggle and not to keep up, so much so that they led the company to choose

In 2017 two hyperconverging Nutanix nodes were implemented to support the 40 graphic workstations with which the 34 designers realized the renderings of the rooms and furnishing accessories, managing the very large archives

In 2020, Inside Group Technology decided to upgrade the infrastructure and, thanks to the knowledgeable direction of Mediatech, 3 nodes NX8155 were implemented, able to cope with current workloads and further growth of the study. The three nodes support, as previously, 40 graphics stations, while ensuring the business continuity needed for Inside Group Technology thanks to Nutanix’s native backup system.

Cristian Aiselli, founder of Inside Group Technology, said that the decision to install the CED was only three months ago, and the new machines replaced the old hot infrastructure, practically without stopping the work of the studio.

And the benefits are not lacking. Today, Inside Group Technology employs only two internal resources for IT infrastructure management. The company is always in contact with Mediatech but the administration of Nutanix architecture is so simple and so faithful to the concept of DIY, that the partner is contacted very rarely. In addition, Nutanix nodes help strengthen the reputation of Inside Group Technology as a team that never stops.

Finally, in the future of Inside Group Technology there is the idea of further developing infrastructure thanks to the use of the computing power of hyperconverging systems also for the graphic processing of renderings, as well as for opening up to private cloud solutions.

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