Inaz Group closed its growth in 2020. The company specializing in software solutions, services and consultancy in the field of administration and management of human resources recorded revenues of 45 million and 357 thousand euros, +8.6 % compared to the previous year. Gruppo Inaz is based in Milan, with about 450 employees, and is present with branches and service points throughout Italy.

As Linda Gilli, Cavaliere del Lavoro and Chairman and CEO of Inaz, pointed out in a note, this is an important result, achieved in a difficult year due to the crisis triggered by the pandemic, in which the digital market in Italy

♪ In the last year ♪ Linda Gilli ♪ Inaz has grown because she is already prepared to face the digital transformation and revolution that has affected the way she works. At a time when people’s management and work organisation have become crucial issues, we have been able to support our customers, first helping them to manage the issues related to the emergency Covid-19, and then to meet the challenges of the next normal

Linda Gilli’s success in Inaz was the ability to propose not only tools and solutions to overcome contingent problems, but also a real approach oriented to innovation with a long-term vision: digitising, ensuring safety in the workplace

The aim is to adapt organisational models to irreversible changes in the world of work. And as noted by the research • Future of Work 2020 • carried out by the Inaz Business Observatory, after the pandemic only 6% of companies plan to return to work always and only in presence.

The future of Inaz Group

Inaz’s future strategies are geared towards developing new solutions that are close to the needs of companies, including cloud, tool and app services for remote work and corporate-dependent communication, artificial intelligence applications in processes and processes.

Inaz also declares that he wants to strengthen his sales and technical network throughout Italy and continue in the strategy of acquisitions and partnerships that allow the Group to enrich itself with excellence.

An example of this strategy in 2020 was the acquisition of Ddocuments, a Milanese company specializing in solutions for document digitisation.

The positive trend of 2021 also concerns the employment dimension: new professional figures, representing 26% of the business population dedicated to research and technical support roles, have been introduced.

For Linda Gilli, the first mission of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan is focused on digitalization, innovation, competitiveness and culture is significant: Â these are the key elements that will make the Italian economy the prot The country and its businesses must not miss this opportunity.

As a family business, Inaz accompanies its development plans to a particular attention to the theme of the generational transition.

It is in this perspective that society has begun to prepare the entry into the property of the third generation, represented by the three sons of Linda Gilli: Ludovica, Valerio and Giovanni Busnach.

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