A note from Nutanix explains how Inail, National Institute of Occupational Accident Insurance, to provide its services effectively and become a reference for the ICT infrastructure of PA has chosen to create a hybrid infrastructure.

The protagonists of Inail’s strategy, which focuses on hyperconverging architectures and cloud opening (with the abandonment of mainframe infrastructure) are the managers who manage the institution’s technology.

Anna Sappa, CTO of Inail explains in a note that: • Open, hybrid and hyperconverging architectures are one of the bases on which we are building the infrastructure of our hybrid cloud, which allows us

While Flavio Mancini, Ict Manager of Inail, referring to the recent lockdown period, recalls that we had already experienced agile infrastructure like Nutanix, adopted until then in the service control room of the Institute, and

Inail’s efficient smart working

This means that in a few days Inail has managed to put smart working at the disposal of thousands of people, quickly and safely.

The project has engaged a qualified and close group of companies: Nutanix and Hpe on the infrastructure front and Citrix for the application layer.

The Nutanix hardware already available to Inail has been converted to provide VDI services with Citrix immediately so that it can be ready immediately with the certification of the personal PCs of many users and to acquire… lightweight laptops for those who

Using the scalability of Nutanix and Hpe architecture, the nodes were activated in half a day, ensuring full continuity to Inail’s activities and the ability to smart work.

The technical tests showed that the new infrastructure was even more solid than expected as pointed out by Mancini: • the robustness of Nutanix software emerged powerfully when, in the rebuild phase of one of the disks we decided to No data was lost.

In total, Inail has enabled 4,300 users in VDI mode, of which approximately 2,500 operate from territorial offices and 400 from the Directorate General.

The Nutanix technology orchestrated infrastructure safely manages about 70,000 active sessions per month, with an average duration of almost 4 hours.

The whole process that has led to the expansion of hyperconverging infrastructure, integrating HPE machines and Citrix software with the Nutanix Acropolis operating system and with the hypervisor AHV, has been in continuity and transparency

In view of operating from National Strategic Pole, Inail is acquiring elaborate loads of other entities, as well as providing for more than a year the services of the Ministry of Health, and has recently expanded its capabilities in terms of hybrid architectures

This is why for Mancini the hardware infrastructure will be upgraded and Inail will continue in the direction of convergent and hyperconverging architectures, open also to the public cloud: \ already today the platform is within our

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