A week spent between silent rooms and whispering rooms, between voices of possible clones and development strategies. Clubhouse looks for its optimal size, but the road still seems long.

Another week has passed. It seems months since Rohan Seth (@rohan) and Paul Davidson (@Paul) met users last time (Sunday, February 7), presenting the key features of the new application.

We discussed this in the previous article dedicated to this trip to the world of Clubhouse: new icon, new features, new potentialities. Then on February 14, at 6:00 PM Rome time (9 AM Oakland time, California) the duo came back in a room that immediately filled up to the edge to emphasize how much is being done and what s

There are no radical news in Paul Davidson’s presentation, assisted by the alter ego Rohan Seth (in absolute silence for one hour), backed by @Anu … the young Indo-Texan who addressed the duo the questions

An official presentation of the new features of the app, followed by a series of clarifications on the issues that have been harassing users for some time.

First of all, there is the rumor that the procedures for creating clubs have been suspended. That’s not true. If you connect to the F&Qs through the toothed wheel at the top right on the screen of the iPhone you can submit questions for the club foundation.

On the profile screen, by activating paragraph • How can I start a club • • Start a club • and scrolling at the bottom of the same • You can find the club request from here The form that opens has been updated and • following the guidelines (in English) • you can submit the request for the formation of a club.

Another function I have already mentioned in the previous article is that of the share button. When you are inside a room you can send the link directly to the room via the + that appears below (and that serves to invite other CH users).

The share button opens the share page to all messaging or email applications in the system. Everything is aimed at increasing the interactions in the community, both inside and outside the platform.

The interactions @Paul made clear in his Sunday evening monologue The weapon of expulsion is now extended to people who have left the room, as well as the possibility of denouncing inappropriate behaviour: disinformation, incitement to hatred, bullying, discrimination of various kinds.

But be careful: especially in the role of moderators, responsibility is very high. The report is followed by an inquiry by the company that runs Clubhouse, so if the removal is not justified, the moderator could also be suspended.

What is important, in Clubhouse, is always the concept of Real Identity Service, in which the user is at the center of the system (it was used yesterday the term “peoplecentric”), as well as its reputation towards the next, both on arguments

And if we extend this to purely commercial aspects, we understand that @Paul’s statement on corporate accounts was so lapidary: no to corporate accounts, yes to the incentive of clubs whose spokesperson are people who can also develop monetization purposes Clubhouse co-founders were clear: monetization is not a priority element in the philosophy of social listening.

What’s Facebook doing?

A changing world, therefore, that changes day by day and is preparing to suffer the psychological pressure of the most widespread social network ever: Facebook. The presence of @Zuck23 (aka Mark Zuckenberg) last week in a Clubhouse room created a hectic bouncing of news.

The New York Times, which was released on February 10, was covered by an article on the problem. The touch and escape of FB’s patron in the Clubhouse room has allowed the possibility of the CH mechanism to be felt by the Menlo Park boys.

But what will be the next move of @Zuck23 given the uncontrollable growth of users on Clubhouse?

The response of Emilie Haskell, Facebook spokesperson, to the NYT was: ♪ We connect people through audio and video technologies for many years and we are constantly exploring new ways to increase this kind of experience for

A little like saying: within a few weeks we will prepare a response worthy of the billions of users who crowd our spaces.

And if we think about what happened with Instagram Stories (almost perfect clone of Snapchat Stories), with Reels (who peeked and re-presented the TikTok model) and Rooms, re-pro

When asked by the NYT journalist about the feelings of Clubhouse’s staff, the interviewed representative declined any comment on the matter.

Silent rooms, no thank

Meanwhile, the habits of CH users are gradually changing: you know, bad examples are followed immediately by people. One of the practices that risks transforming this social from high expectations into a cluster of obsesses in the race for the increase of followers is the practice of silent rooms.

These are rooms where no one speaks; digital cemeteries where, under static images of the profile, they ferve a hectic activity: everyone follows others, without worrying about the personal level, seriousness, sympathy, activity or commitment shown in the

After a couple of hours of stay each one finds himself with 500-600 more followers. A common practice in the United States that, starting from the afternoon of Saturday 13 February, has also appeared in Italy attracting hundreds of users to itself, with the force of a black hole.

According to the most, the silent room is a practice that mortifies the expectations of this social network. Some of the most serious room conductors in Clubhouse have officially distanced themselves from the Silent Room, but the hope that they will fail is quite remote.

A hope that, starting from Paul Davidson’s statements on Sunday afternoon, could result in radiation from users who are caught playing the game. A bit like those who participate in rooms where violence, misinformation or racial/religious hatred are detected.

Whispering room

From the silent rooms , to avoid like the plague , to the most reassuring whispering room; whispers here, we do not talk; as would be done inside

And in fact, these are night rooms.

The great boss of the most famous whispering room () is Axel Mansoor, the musician who lends his image to the Clubhouse icon. Here the contents are mainly musical, but also a gradual lowering of the sound level of the discussions.

Trouble raising your voice here. Here we focus on the soporific whispers of the American artist and are invited to take sleep lulled by the idea that he arrives early in the morning, ready to connect and enter and exit from the increasingly numerous rooms of Clubhouse.

Speaking of numbers, 27,000 rooms dedicated to love created on Valentine’s Day alone, while since the beginning of the week millions of Chinese users have been deprived of the possibility of access to the app of the moment. It’s not safe, apparently.

We will discuss this shortly as a thousand other subjects.

As always I thank @saralaratro, @alidapantone and from today also @dennysdionigi, my travel companions.

Riccardo Busetto is on Clubhouse: @riccardobusetto

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