A healthy technology transfer contamination, this is Mecspe. So Ivo Nardella, CEO of the New Technicians Group, has defined the fair as the main Italian mechanics fair, to underline its innovative consistency and the concrete impact on production, presenting it to the press in the context of Milano Digital Week.

It is considered the increasing technological specific weight that every March, for eighteen years now, is discharged to the ground at the Parma Fairs Halls, (this year from 28 to 30 March) it could also be called Tecspe.

A shining example is the Innovation Tunnel, which, as Maruska Saturday, project manager of Mecspe, explained, will lead us ideally from the digital factory seen last year to the concrete intelligent factory, and will do so with four Lights.

So Mecspe’s will be 4.0 seen, touched, breathed, heard.

4.0, as explained by the Technical Director of the special initiatives of Mecspe, engineer Michele Rossi, who passes by, matures.

After experiencing the innovation season and the growth season with the tax benefits, he must continue with maturity, with reflection. The fourth industrial revolution, Rossi said, if you do not live it even inside the mind, is not such.

One must ask what will be your company in ten, fifteen, twenty years, aware that the point of arrival of the intelligent factory will be the circular factory.

It is necessary to have a vision of the positioning of the product and the protagonists of Mecspe’s lighthouse plants this revolution of thought has made it: \ they know where they will be in twenty years.

For them, collaboration with partners is a mantra: they know that you don’t go anywhere alone and that all know-how cannot be internal.

Mecspe will do this too: he will show how an industrial vision is composed at twenty years.

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The Smart Factory in action in Mecspe

Vision that is also the result of the work of the Smart Factory Cluster, a private public initiative born in 2012 within the Miur, to direct the manufacturing sector and create a more stable and aggregated community, linking national research policies with international ones. To make critical mass, in short, as explained by the member of the Cluster’s management, Flavio Tonelli.

With a role of liaison between the state, regions, local authorities, 287 members, of which 218 industrial partners, 7 regions, the Cluster has also activated interactions with the ministries of economic development and foreign affairs.

The working groups follow seven lines of action: systems for custom products, for industrial sustainability with a long target in the circular economy, people’s enhancement, high efficiency, innovative productivity, adaptive, strategies and management for manufacturing.

The idea of lighthouse systems was born in this technological milieu, to produce recognizable results, feasible, attract companies, open.

For the Lombardy SMEs, digital transformation is

And a glimpse of the ways in which the 4.0 theme is lived by the Italian production fabric offered it Claudia Norscini, of the Polytechnic University of Marche, department robotics, visual and artificial intelligence, which conducted a survey on the P

From 141 Cawi interviews done in January 2019 on Pmi of mechanics and Lombard subcontracting.

For the majority of companies that have experienced the economic performance is positive, more than half are growing and investing, with the proverbial judgment that distinguishes the Lombard entrepreneurship.

They export to Europe, Asia and North America and detect the bureaucracy and the timing of disputes with a critical factor. All of them have an adequate order book.

Employees are increasing for one company in two and stable substantially for almost all the others by 43. Internal formation is usually done: only 6 in 100 are renitent.

On the subject of 4.0 60% do not feel prepared. New professionalism is needed, which is sought with agencies and consulting companies.

But digitalization is there and will be for most of them, as evidenced by the many investments made in safety and decided in the first person by the entrepreneurs themselves.

The Future in the Deep Trends

If this is the present, what will the future be like in manufacturing companies?

Laura Rolle, cofounder of Blueeggs, explained this, an agency that based on the data collected has traced an analysis of the trends of Lombard manufacturing, using semiotic methodologies.

Deep Trends are deep cultural models that will influence people, products, services, interactions across sectors in the coming years. And the fil rouge found by Blueeggs is ♪ beyond the limits ♪ ♪ beyond the limits ♪

Three themes identified.

First, New Ecology. Noise and visual pollution are part of the new concept of sustainability. The environment is not only to be understood physically but also humanly. The habitat is linked to the individual and the local community. The theme is crucial for most companies, even if they still think about reducing consumption and their environmental footprint.

Secondly, Be happy, that is to say, to go beyond the limits of the product, that is, the brand must make content available to increase the quality of life.

Third trend: Play the game. We go to a world beyond the limits of reality, which still makes us deal with reality. It is not just about making relationships gamification, but about understanding that B2B and B2C are no longer so divided. The use of augmented and mixed reality on the production line is the most striking example: their basic language is that of the game. The exoskeleton makes us look superheroes. That’s why with the language of the game in the company the human will be strengthened. And mixed teams will be born.

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