The University of Bologna has a new International Master’s Degree Course in Artificial Intelligence, which will start in the next academic year 2019/2020, and a new Interdepartmental Center designed to connect the experiences in artificial intelligence already

For years, scholars and researchers at the University of Bologna have been engaged in the study and evolution of artificial intelligence and its possible applications, ranging from computer science to mathematics, from medicine to the humanistic and social field.

A research work that has already produced important results and recognitions: Bologna will host, in 2022, the next edition of the IJCAI-ECAI, a world scientific conference on the themes of artificial intelligence.

The new master’s degree

The commitment of Alma Mater in this field starts from the training, with the new Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence that will be activated from the next academic year 2019/2020 at the Department of Informatics

The English language course focuses on the founding and application disciplines of artificial intelligence: knowledge representation, reasoning, machine learning, artificial vision, natural language treatment, data science, optimization, decision support systems.

There will also be space for cross-cutting issues such as cognitive neurosciences and the ethical and social implications of new technologies, as well as for skills related to the many application sectors that the industrial landscape requires more and more.

At the end of the training course, the graduates will be specialists in Artificial Intelligence: highly specialized technical figures, with excellent computer knowledge and specific skills in the field of artificial intelligence.

The creation of the new degree course is also the result of the demand of the most advanced production sectors of professional figures with a high specialisation in methods and tools of artificial intelligence, able to address the design, realization and management of highly innovative products and services.

Research with an inter-departmental centre

In parallel with the commitment to training, the University of Bologna also invests in research that is reflected in the birth of an Inter-departmental Centre on the topic. The new Centre will be a space designed to aggregate dozens of scholars from different departments of Alma Mater and the many activities on artificial intelligence already started in different fields and sectors, thus developing new synergies and collaborations.

The Centre will host PhDs, but also encourage interdisciplinary teams to work on European projects or still make proposals to attract researchers and scholars from abroad specialising in the subjects of artificial intelligence.

At least six scholars from the University of Bologna funded by the ERC projects can already work together to promote innovative and international research. The Centre will also organise dissemination events and will be working to establish connections with companies and institutions interested in working together in this cutting-edge sector.

The new structure will be characterised by an interdisciplinary approach which will see human beings at the centre of artificial intelligence systems capable of interacting and cooperating, explaining the results of the charges, making transparent and shared decisions, and on the other hand will enable the analysis of the

The Centre will develop basic research involving computer science, mathematics, cognitive sciences, bioengineering, neurosciences, and studies on ethical and legal issues, economic, environmental, sociological and cultural aspects. And there will be specific focus, for example on the world of businesses, including automation of production, robotics, logistics, investments, or in the medical field, thinking about prevention and diagnosis systems, personalized care, data analysis and support to decisions.

To bring these important innovations in artificial intelligence into play in training and research, the University of Bologna has been able to count on a solid scientific basis, as evidenced by numerous projects and activities already well started. For many years, in fact, researchers and teachers of Alma Mater have been strongly involved in this field, collecting successes and recognitions in the international field.

Over the past six years, the University of Bologna has raised funding for almost €50 million for research related to artificial intelligence innovations. Like the new AI4EU: a €20 million project for the creation of a European platform on artificial intelligence, which sees a strong involvement of the University. Over 120 projects are funded in all areas of knowledge, from medicine to social sciences, from energy to industrial innovation.

The recent national nominations of two teachers are worth mentioning: Professor Pierluigi Contucci as a member of the working group on the Artificial Intelligence promoted by the MIUR, and Professor Michela Milano in the Commission on Artificial Intelligence promoted by the

Professor Milano is also vice president of EurAI . European Association for Artificial Intelligence and, through AI*IA… Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence, has submitted the nomination, then it has been successful, to host to

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