If there is one thing that this beginning of 2021 showed, it is that security is not becoming an easier challenge: to emphasize it is, in occasion of Microsoft Ignite 2021, Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance and

Recent high-profile violations have highlighted the growing sophistication of current cyber-attackers and the complexity of corporate risk management in an increasingly connected world.

In this challenge to protect systems and organizations, Microsoft is one of the supporters of the Zero Trust approach, Jakkal stressed, for all types of threats, both external and internal.

According to Miceosoft, the right approach is to address security, compliance, identity and device management as an interdependent whole, and to extend protection to all data, devices, identities, platforms and clouds, coming from Micro

With this approach in mind, at Microsoft Ignite 2021, Redmond’s company shared with users several new innovations in four key areas: identity, security, compliance and skilling, to achieve the holistic protection that organizations need to meet their demands.

First, Microsoft has announced new ways in which Azure Active Directory (AD), the cloud identity solution used by more than 425 million users, can help companies on their Zero Trust trip.

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Passwordless authentication, which eliminates one of the weakest security links today, is now generally available for cloud and hybrid environments.

Now you can create end-to-end experiences for all employees so that they no longer need passwords to access the network.

In place, Azure AD now allows access with biometrics or a touch using Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator app or a FIDO2 compatible security key from Microsoft Intelligent Security Association partners such as

In addition, with Temporary Access Pass, now preview, you can generate a code limited in time to set or recover a credential without password.

Azure AD Conditional Access, the policy engine at the heart of Microsoft’s Zero Trust solution, now uses the authentication context to apply even more granular policies based on user actions within the app they are using or on the sensitivity of data to

This helps to adequately protect the most important information without unduly restricting access to less sensitive content.

Azure AD Verifiable Believers, which will be previewing in a few weeks, allows organizations to confirm information without collecting and storing personal data, thus improving security and privacy.

In addition, the new partnerships that integrate Azure AD Verifiable Believers with leading identity verification providers such as LexisNexis, Onfido, Socure and others will improve the verification and secure exchange of information.

As far as security is concerned, Microsoft’s ads are aimed at simplifying the experience with modern and integrated features.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Defender for Office 365 customers can now investigate and remedy threats from the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, which provides unified alerts, user pages and information for deep and automated analysis and simple

Accidents, schemes and user experiences are now common between Microsoft 365 Defender and Azure Sentinel. Microsoft is also continuing to expand the connectors for Azure Sentinel and is working to simplify data entry and automation.

The new Threat Analytics provides a series of reports from Microsoft security experts who help understand, prevent and mitigate active threats, such as Solorigate attacks, directly within Microsoft 365 Defender.

Microsoft is also bringing Secured-core to Windows Server and edge devices to help minimize the risk from firmware vulnerabilities and advanced malware in hybrid IoT and cloud environments.

As for compliance, co-authoring of protected documents with Microsoft Information Protection allows multiple users to work simultaneously on protected documents taking advantage of intelligent, unified and extensible document and email protection in all Microsoft 365 apps.

Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management Analytics can identify potential insider risk activities within an organization and help in policy configurations.

With just one click, customers can make sure that the system performs a daily scan of the control logs of their tenants, including historical activity, and exploit the machine learning engine of Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Management to identify potential risk activities

Microsoft 365 now offers data loss prevention (DLP) for Chrome browsers and on-premise server-based environments, such as file sharing and SharePoint Server.

Azure Purview is integrated with Microsoft Information Protection, allowing you to apply the same sensitivity labels defined in Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to data that reside in other clouds or on-premises.

With Azure Purview, a unified on-premise, multi-cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data governance solution, it is possible to analyse and classify data resident in AWS Simple Storage Services (S3), SAP

Finally, Microsoft now offers four new safety, compliance and identity certifications tailored to various roles and needs, regardless of where you are in your training path, on Microsoft Certifications.

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