At the Global Partner Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced a new strategic stage in the expansion of opportunities for collaboration with its partners: it presented Pro, a series of initiatives with which it intends to provide channel partners with solutions, skills and

The new Hpe Sales Pro Community and the enhancement of Hpe Tech Pro Community and Hpe Marketing Pro Academy initiatives provide tools, training, resources and support mechanisms that are homogeneous in the context of the possibility of accessing the same opportunities for collaboration and training available

The announcement demonstrates the close global link between the partner community and Hpe by strengthening the alignment and homogeneity of Hpe’s technical, marketing and commercial teams and their channel.

The Hpe Sales Pro Community is born

The Hpe Sales Pro Community is a new global approach to achieving Hpe’s commercial excellence and its partners through effective sales communication and initiatives dedicated to commercial enablement. The Hpe Sales Pro Community will propose a new engagement model to communicate with channel partners, an easy and simplified view of training resources, and a single reward programme that brings together the various existing regional initiatives.

To communicate the most important product updates and news, the Hpe Sales Pro Community will propose a model of consistent engagement partner through a new interactive space dedicated to the business staff of partners and Hpe. Partners will be able to access experts transparently to support deals and close sales.

In line with the continuing training courses already in force in the Hpe Tech Pro Community, the Hpe Sales Pro Community will use modules from various existing or new sources such as commercial certification Hpe Partner Ready, the Hpe internal programme for the

Hpe’s business teams and its partners will have identical opportunities to access the enablement materials, thus increasing the opportunity to sell and grow together. The Hpe Sales Pro Community will release digital badges and certificates recognized through a single global standardised reward program.

The simplification and harmonisation of price lists and process of registration of deals on a global scale will allow partners to experience a better user experience and to make use of a new global tool dedicated to prices. In addition, the alignment of the HPE Partner Demo Program initiative at international level will result in more competitive and individually verified discounts for partners to reach the best price in each market.

The new features of the Tech Pro Community

Hpe has enhanced the community to help professional partners and technicians develop and deepen their respective expertise in design and architecture of solutions to facilitate the achievement of business results by customers based on the HPE portfolio.

The introduction of two new Hybrid IT Architect certifications complete with training allows solutions architects to create solutions based on business results. Hpe Tech Pro Community proposes new ASE Hybrid IT Architect and Master certifications to enable IT architects to develop and validate their own capabilities to design and implement hybrid IT infrastructures optimized for vertical workloads alignedly The new Master ASE certification will be available from 1st November 2019.

A suite of paths for continuing training helps professional technicians to stay up to date on the latest innovations in Hpe and the industry.

A program of awards and awards encourages the engagement and the growth of solutions architects alongside Hpe. It will start on November 1, 2019.

Hpe Marketing Pro Academy expanded

As part of the Hpe Marketing Pro Academy, Hpe channel partners will be able to access the new Hpe Digital Marketing Partner Learning Center and Accreditation Program from November 2019. Hpe has announced in collaboration with selected partners a pilot version of the new online Learning Center that provides access to video training and resources related to digital marketing. To support the success of Hpe partners, this Learning Center will help enhance their skills and digital marketing capabilities to develop economically more impact-driven campaigns to conquer more business.

Hpe also announced the launch of the Hpe Digital Marketing Partner Accreditation Program. Accessible to partners from 1 November, this program recognises the completion of a structured plan of studies in digital marketing. Hpe Digital Marketing accreditation will be issued after completion of online courses published within the Hpe Digital Marketing Partner Learning Center and completion of the Hpe Digital Marketing Assessment exam. Partner marketers will get a credit card that will demonstrate their skills in digital marketing.

New information also regarding Hpe Social Media Center, so as to simplify even more access and sharing of content by partners through their respective social channels. HPE is bringing together influencers and selecting the most suitable content for partners to share them easily and quickly on their Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

Hpe partners can obtain under license and share free content from Enterprise.nxt, a news platform that regularly publishes articles, reports and audio content in order to help IT managers and executive technicians move in a constantly changing IT scenario.

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