Requests for feedback, reminders, file submission declarations, confirmations of taking charge of activities, endless copies of knowledge: Siav has calculated that more than 11 working hours per week are used for the management of emails and that, daily, it devotes itself to e-mail Data, to which must be added what you answer that only 38% of emails contain relevant information.

The path to a smart way of working should therefore be characterized by a smaller number of emails, without prejudice to the benefits of e-mail, such as sharing documents and information and collaboration.

Based on these evaluations, Siav, who is a specialist in software solutions for the management of electronic documents and digital processes, has realized the Meno Mail offer, identifying for companies three stages of the journey towards digital transformation, able to reduce the load of emails and optimize the

Digital Transformation, the three steps for emails

Step one: storing mails in an electronic document management software. In many departments, such as administrative, HR or legal, much of the time spent managing e-mail is devoted to storing the most important messages, which are saved on the desktop, within network folders or, worse, printed and inserted in The storage of mail, directly from the client, within an electronic document management software allows to speed up the different steps and facilitates subsequent searchability and consultation.

Step two: adoption of a document management system that enables the exchange of documents and information without the use of mail: the paradigm that saw e-mail as a business asset to be stored and managed, must be overcome by moving the focus on documents, For this reason, it is essential to adopt a document management system that enables the exchange of documents and information from the office and on the move without the use of mail.

Step three: use of document software with Bpm (Business Process Management) functionality: streamlined e-mail management and including the centrality of a document system, there is a last fundamental step to achieve the goal of an office with less In fact, to reduce mail messages, having a digital archive to enter information and attachments is important but not sufficient.

Documents, via emails, constantly cross the tracks connecting the entire organization, i.e. processes. Therefore, we need to rely on documentary software with BPM capabilities, equipped with real workflow engines that allow to digitize and automate the workflows of each department.

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