Ibm has announced new artificial intelligence and automation features for Watson Assistant designed to make it easier for companies to create customer service experiences optimized through all channels. • Phone, Web, SMS and any messaging platform.

This includes a new collaboration with IntelePeer, provider of Communications Platform-as-a-Service, to design and test a voice agent and a new application designed for a smooth delivery from virtual agent to operator

Virtual assistants are gaining popularity thanks to continuous improvements in natural language processing (NLP) and automation. According to 2021 Global AI Adoption Index of Ibm, 52% of global IT professionals surveyed reported that the company they work with is using or considering adopting NLP solutions to improve customer experience.

Ibm is adding new features to Watson Assistant, its intelligent virtual agent, to help companies leverage artificial intelligence and NLP to solve their customers’ problems at first contact.

Watson Assistant is designed to respond more quickly and more pertinently to requests, whether by phone, SMS, web or through any messaging platform, and to transfer the request to an operator without interruption when further support is required. New features include:

New Voice Features for Watson Assistant: The IntelePeer Atmosphere Communications Platform-as-a-Service is now available as add-on in Watson Assistant: users with a Plus plan If companies already have a contact center phone system, IntelePeer can provide the connection between Watson Assistant and the existing system in accordance with industry standards. Using IntelePeer, Watson Assistant can now connect to almost all major contact center platforms that use the SIP protocol in just half an hour without any coding.

Customer support to solve problems when first contacting Watson Assistant Search Skill: Watson Assistant’s Search Skill feature includes recovery of short answers, which is based on an innovative demand and answer system (QA). This allows the virtual agent to process a simple response from longer sentences or passages and provide the context from which the response comes. Search Skill also contains the extraction of FAQs, designed to help administrators constantly update the virtual agent by expanding the sources of information, without having to resort to continuous manual updates.

Facilitate seamless delivery with the new app for operators: Watson Assistant’s app now has a new function designed to help customer service operators resume contact with a customer from the point where the virtual agent transferred the service to the customer. When a customer calls, Ibm’s voice detection models, designed to provide more accurate transcriptions out-of-the-box, provide a nearly real-time transcription of the conversation. When the delivery is made, the app provides the customer service provider with the latest transcription of the conversation directly on video. This means that customers do not have to repeat questions and operators are able to solve problems even more quickly.

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