Ibm has presented a new line of flash storage, intended for the enterprise market and in particular suitable to increase the performance of hybrid multicloud.

Organization storage needs can be of different types, as are the parameters of applications within a single organisation, such as the entry point, performance, scalability, data services, functionality and availability.

Storage vendors in the past have responded to the needs of organizations with unique storage platforms that over time have been overcome by new complexity: managing and solving different problems, different bees and automation, and different paths to the cloud and

If you add the fact that many users implement multiple vendors’ storage systems, complexity can only increase.

It is therefore no wonder that the storage costs, management and optimisation of data positioning and migration are among the five main concerns of storage users and are the source of other problems, including delays in implementing new technologies of

Compared to this scenario, Ibm is taking a different and innovative approach, further simplifying the Ibm FlashSystem family: a single platform created to simplify the storage infrastructure, reduce complexity and cut costs, while continuing to offer innovation for the

The new FlashSystem family offers several advantages, while supporting implementations in cloud bare metal, virtualized, containerized and hybrid cloud environments.

The following systems joined the family by entering the FlashSytem 5010, 5030 and 5100, to meet the increasing needs of storage capacity, the growth of the application grows.

FlashSystem 7200: NVMe end-to-end and enterprise-class functionality for hybrid multicloud in a system designed for mid-range deployments. Supports both resize with expansion enclosures and clustering up to 4 ways, FlashSystem 7200 supports 43% of the high-level performance compared to Storwize V7000 Gen3 with a maximum of 9.2 million I

FlashSystem 9200: End-to-end NVMe in a system developed for the most demanding companies. FlashSystem 9200 allows complete storage functionality and the highest level of performance: super FlashSystem 9100 20% with a maximum of 18 million IOPS and 180GB/s thanks to 4-way clusters. Both FlashSystem 7200 and 9200 also support 70μs latency. Again at a lower price list than the previous one.

And finally, FlashSystem 9200R: designed for customers who require a storage system built and tested by IBM, with installations and configurations made by IBM.

All components of the IBM FlashSystem family, except all FlashSystem 9200 and 9200R, are available in both versions, both all-flash and hybrid flash.

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